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Republic at war has a lot of work behind it, with three years in the making before the 1.0 release

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Hi Guys!, I'm sorry that there's been such a time difference between last update and now, But today's mod is on republic at war, three years in the making, is it actually good enough for 3 years of work?

Short Answer - Hell yeah ofc it is, there are however a few problems i had.

Installation - Not difficult at all, run the installer, follow the instructions, and your done

Speed - It took about 3 hours to download off file front for me,however for my friend it only took about 58 minutes and on my computer it was generally slow to load once the mod was installed, their is about a 3 hour sequence before you actually get to the mod..

These are very short categories so far, aren't they? I'm getting to the long part.

Gameplay - Right, once its installed and your on it, whats the first thing you do, play a skirmish? or do Galactic Conquest Mode? You See, the mod is far bigger on GC, It has both phase 2 and Phase 3 clones, Special clone legions, special ships (malevolence, if you don't know what this is, it was Grevious's flagship at the beginning of the clone wars cartoon, it had an EMP weapon that disabled venators pretty much instantly, then lo and Behold, it gets destroyed by about 9 bombers, but ah well, that's the cartoon for you) In Gc, if I'm right, different planets can build different things (IE Kamino can build specialized clone legions like the 501st or 212th).

Another Problem is Republic Vs Confederacy (CIS, seps,seppy's, separatists etc) is kind of unfair, now i may be just a noob but it seems to me that confedaracy can beat Republic in space, and unless republic have vehicles, land as well, In my Galactic Conquest, 2 lucrehulks and 2 Providences arrive at my planet, No problem! I have 12 of each type of corvette and about 30 acclimaters,i end up getting totally smashed by legions of fighters, so, if the aim was to make it realistic (Separatists outnumber you 20 to 1) then its half done, because if it was realistic, Republic would somehow never lose.

Conclusion - Whilst this may be a short review, and for all the little points i mentioned about republic vs cis problems, then there is still plenty of time for the makers of the mod to improve on it, in fact, there already adding new content in the version 1.2, which will be the first mod, Plenty of Heroes are in the Mod and even some more unusual ones like Delta squad, I found Anakin was almost immune to droid fire, because he could block it with his light saber, which was a neat touch i liked,overall, this is good mod for you republic players who like a challenge, and the cis players who like steamrolling everything.

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