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Sixteen days has passed when H.I.V.E Mode has been released. More than two weeks. And time has come to make an update to this mod. Everybody interested in Gears of War, do not let it go! Try it!

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Sixteen days...............

Only Sixteen days was needed to make a big update. I've worked very hard on this.............

And I'm proudly presenting first "Gears of War" mod with fully functional money system applied.


Money system. How it works, you would ask... it's complicated. But only thimg you need to know, is that you have to kill every locust that would stand in front of your gun. Every locust = Money. Nothing is cheap novadays. COG is on the edge of crysis, prices aren't low. You have to be effective to survive. Every bullet is worth more than your pitiful life.

What else this mod can offer? Tons of action and difficult gameplay. Variety of objectives that you can accomplish or not. If you're true Gears of War PC fan, don't let it go. Try it, play it! COG is calling for you, it's your duty to protect Humanity from Locust Horde. Without you it's senseless fight. We are outnumbered! Every hand is helpful. Every gun is helpful. Stand up and Fight!

H.I.V.E Mode v0.2 update list:

  1. Six waves and five wavetypes (no changes here from v0.1 at this field);
  2. MONEY SYSTEM (test version, free from bugs i think);
  3. Life system (player is now able to respawn as many times as his lifes won't end [max 5 lifes]);
  4. Two more locust to fight (Sire and Flame Boomer);
  5. Wingmans respawns after death infinitely;
  6. 20 Playable COG Characters (for wingmans - Custom characters are blocked cause of crashing only custom working are - Anya, Jace, Prescott, Tai, Dizzy);
  7. Music Tracks (testing version);
  8. Now you can buy your wingmans other equipment;
  9. And all what was in previous version;

Thank you for trying this mod!

I'm looking forward for your reviews and ratings!

Presentation Movie:

Packages Needed Redownload:

  1. HM_Content
  2. HM_Menus
  3. HM_Security



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