this is just a place for you to discuss and post your pixel art, im sure there are some on ModDB and theres no other group for this so join it if you want. And yes i know the header uses gradient, ill change when i have time to make one.

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KOG just underwent a massive update that makes it more vertiginous than ever.

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KOG just underwent a massive update that makes it more vertiginous than ever.

* Rewritten shooting policy:
* made it 100% fair;
* made it indipendent from the actual trap speed, to make the speed-up extra a pure bonus without negative side effects;
* changed delay logic to make keep the rhythm up.
* Modified extras:
* added guide;
* made decelerator more powerful (now the objects speed is reduced by 2/3 instead of 1/2);
* removed rule that objects can be rescued only once (now objects can be made rescuable again after they have been kicked back);
* rearranged order and thresholds.
* Set extras meter penalty to 1/2 (instead of 1/3) - this, together with the new extras thresholds, produces lots of gain/misses, making the game pace more frantic, full of ups & downs.
* Robotized speech samples.
* Added display of positive balance of extras meter after the last extra has been obtained.
* Centered graphics in full screen.
* Reworked video modes menu hints.
* Fixed some bugs.
* Added high resolution graphics to Windows icon.
* Optimized rotation routines.
* Built against the latest private and public libraries.
* Made various other changes.

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