We are a group who is against war and everykind of it. Feel free to join this group to show the world how important it is.

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Boy, he seems to have a grudge against his own country. Understandable, but misguided. I don't like war no more than anyone else. Hey, if we could all get everlasting peace tomorrow, sure no problem I would take the deal. But that would imply changing human nature. Culture is the backbone of any society. Bad culture = Bad Society. Very simple, yet also very complicated it seems for some.
The European, the Chinese, the Japanese, the American all evolved into a relatively peaceful society. Why can't the middle east do the same. It's because at its root it is a bad culture. It's not "racism", it's discrimination, and any good scientific work involve discrimination.
To discriminate: Recognize a distinction; differentiate.
You gave a modern weapons to socially unstable societies, well this is the result. Weapon are meant to protect not to destroy but that is considering you already acquired some commonsense and morals.
If it was possible to isolate them in a gigantic wall and leave them there for another thousand years they would probably be the same state has they are today. Modern day European society are not constantly at war which each other nor or the Chinese nor are the Japanese, we have learned of our past mistake, now it is the turn of middle eastern and African societies to do the same.
I wish we obtain a state of peace globally within the next hundred year, but I am also smart enough to know it won't happen. But hey, what do I know? I could be wrong, but it's unlikely.

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1 million people saw it already, let it spread, its utter truth.

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