>>No more War!"

-Linus Pauling

War is useless, brutal and inhumane. A war doesn't only cost money, it also costs lives.
Soldiers giving their valuable & useful lives for a government consisting of people who never were in a war. They never fought and killed other people. For them the death-count is a number, a mere statistic. War destroys families, friendships, hopes and much more. War isn't profitable. You lose too much and you hardly win anything back.

Help us to send the message out to other people.

Be an activist!

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What is Zionism?

What is Zionism?

5 years ago News 23 comments

What is Zionism? Judaism versus Zionism: how to avoid confusing JUDAISM with ZIONISM.

Brzezinski, Robert Gates and Afghanistan

Brzezinski, Robert Gates and Afghanistan

5 years ago News 4 comments

Zbigniew Brzezinski: how Jimmy Carter and I started the Mujahadeen.

Collateral Murder- Iraq

Collateral Murder- Iraq

5 years ago News 15 comments

This is a little video of an Apache who shoots at reporters.

No more War! Group

No more War! Group

5 years ago News 7 comments

The "No more War!" Group has found. With this group we want to show everyone, how useless, brutal and in-human war is.

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Lamarovsky Sep 10 2010 says:

You have forgotten the documentary film "LooseChange2"
feillyne dont waste your time with some people because they will never try to understand you

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BabylonDemolitionist Sep 11 2010 replied:

You are right about some things but then it spirals out of context. Which kills your credibility. woops not lamr but feillyne

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Sep 9 2010 says:

Freedom in America was won with BLOOD and perseverance.

Remember such figures and groups such as:
Malcolm X, John Brown, Ku Klux Klan (that had between 3-6 millions of members!).

There are many more... so many that fought for or against FREEDOM that in America was a blasphemy, a slogan-word, a mere ILLUSION.

And even now, America that propagates her so-called "FREEDOM" takes more and more civil liberties. Remeber Patriot Act and all others?

George Bushit and others (**** Cheney, etc.) should be in f_cking jail, for killing thousands of Iraqis to say the least.
Many of reasons for the war were debunked and proven to be pure propaganda (e.g. WMDs).

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Sep 9 2010 says:


Don Adams, a former FBI agent, broke silence on JFK assassination a couple of days/weeks ago.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK.

You can see a video of him telling it, by typing in "FBI Agent breaks silence about Kennedy's death" or something similar, on YouTube search engine.

9/11. BuildingWhat.Org shows facts clearly:

Quote:1) If fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise.

2) Building 7’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

3) According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 43% of Americans did not know about Building 7.

4) It took the federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report for Building 7.

5) 1,250 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation that would include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives for the collapse of Building 7.

6) Numerous witnesses say the possibility of demolishing Building 7 was widely discussed by emergency personnel at the scene and advocated by the building’s owner.

7) Building 7 housed several intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center, more commonly known as “Giuliani’s Bunker”.

Link here, see the pictures, videos, compare everything!

Americans are brainwashed. Period.

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Contra007 Sep 10 2010 replied:


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Lamarovsky Sep 8 2010 says:

Believe or not, everything is already written !

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BabylonDemolitionist Sep 9 2010 replied:

guess my brains are clogged, pfft im giving up with this group, its rife with superstition and misinformed tripe !

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Lamarovsky Sep 5 2010 says:

Say whatever do you want ! The truth still the truth, make long newspapers articles if you want !

The truth is always and forever known by only some people!

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BabylonDemolitionist Sep 8 2010 replied:

lol havnt you gathered yet that people that think they kno it all drive others opinions away which in turn breeds ignorance and delusions. Im not saying that your wrong its just you have no credibility to say its 'the truth'. ok? And i doubt you one of those few, very much so.

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Lamarovsky Sep 5 2010 says:

9/11 is a holly ********, all who still believe that it is maked by terrorists , they just have blocked brains, really they don't want to advance anymore !

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MattmanDude Online
MattmanDude Sep 3 2010 says:

You know. Before I stop checking in on this group for good (because admittedly it's not really a group that was made with me in mind lol) I would like to point out one last thing about the images here.

Now feillyne I understand that you have a certain set of beliefs that is perfectly okay with me. I love that there are so many different opinions on similar things and issues. However, your images here don't really fit with this group. Now if you were posting to the conspiracy group... I'd say that's the exact right place.

However, this is an anti-war group. Not a political rally, and not a den and/or blog where conspiracy theorists gather. Most of your images don't really have much to do with being anti-war. They are very anti-politicians-who-are-pro-war. But not specifically anti-war. So stop slamming politicians and go straight to the actual thing that's supposed to be slammed here: War. Cut out the middle men like Bush and Blair. Just go straight to "No More War" type images.

That's just my opinion on the subject, and I think if you look deep down into yourself... you'll realize that I am correct about the image thing. Perhaps it makes you look good for the people who already agree with you, but with those who do not agree with you... it makes you look... well quite frankly... kind of arrogant. Sorry, but I'm not insulting you... I'm simply informing you of the impression those images give.

Anyways, I think that'll probably be my final thought on the subject. As I said in my first post here try to stay civilized when you reply to this (assuming you do), lol. It is a "No More War" group after all. So no flame wars here. :)

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Sep 9 2010 replied:

Sorry, it's because of THEM, because of Tony Blair and Bushit, the STATE of affairs is as it is.

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