>>No more War!"

                        -Linus Pauling

War is useless, brutal and inhumane. A war doesn't only cost money, it also costs lives.
Soldiers giving their valuable & useful lives for a government consisting of people who never were in a war. They never fought and killed other people. For them the death-count is a number, a mere statistic. War destroys families, friendships, hopes and much more. War isn't profitable. You lose too much and you hardly win anything back.

Help us to send the message out to other people.

Be an activist!


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Game of Drones Welcome Palestine If...
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What is Zionism?

What is Zionism?

Aug 19, 2010 News 22 comments

What is Zionism? Judaism versus Zionism: how to avoid confusing JUDAISM with ZIONISM.

Brzezinski, Robert Gates and Afghanistan

Brzezinski, Robert Gates and Afghanistan

Aug 14, 2010 News 4 comments

Zbigniew Brzezinski: how Jimmy Carter and I started the Mujahadeen.

Collateral Murder- Iraq

Collateral Murder- Iraq

Aug 13, 2010 Peace Forever! News 15 comments

This is a little video of an Apache who shoots at reporters.

No more War! Group

No more War! Group

Aug 4, 2010 News 7 comments

The "No more War!" Group has found. With this group we want to show everyone, how useless, brutal and in-human war is.

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Phenixtri Jan 10 2011, 2:01pm says:

Hey ******* I am polish why the **** would Poland murder Jews? I can understand the prisons by the CIA since Poland like many other nations has become economic puppets of the US but seriously you are trying to pin the holocaust of the Poles? WTF dude WTF. ever hear of the Warsaw & Warsaw ghetto uprisings?

If it is true that Jews were murdered chances are it was by the hands of Polish communists (Stalinist puppets) & their soviet NKVD owners. & Jews weren't the only ones killed anybody in Poland after the war that so much as looked like they didn't fall in line or accept the new communist puppet government was kidnapped, tortured, & or carted off to Siberian death camps by the NKVD & later KGB.

Almost the entire polish WW2 underground resistance movement A.K. Armia Krajowa (home army) that spawn in WW2 to fight off the Nazis were hunted down & "eliminated" in this way as well as being simply executed on the spot. fragments of A.K. resisted until at least the 50s when they finely were eliminated by their soviet oppressors.

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ComeradeStalin Jan 19 2011, 1:03pm replied:

Ehm... "Jews were murdered chances are it was by the hands of Polish communists (Stalinist puppets) & their soviet NKVD owners"... excuse me, but this post looks like nothing more but just a thick trolling, with a goal to provoke political shitstorm. Those whom u call "Stalinist puppets" and evil NKVD, in fact saved european and soviet jews during WWII. Jews had no other refuge except USSR. USSR had on it's eastern territories thousands hundreds of jews-refugees from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bessarabia and other european countries. USA government refused to give visas to jewish refugees and didn't fulfill minimal quotas for jewish emigrants in 1933-1939. UK forbade jews to arrive in Palestine, which was mandated british territory. And, BTW, american and british press, wrote very little about annihilation of jews in Europe.

I'm fully aware of russophobian moods in Poland. But History very often doesn't coincide with a current Policy of concrete state. That's why, before u initiate any historical dispute, make sure that u read little more than just few hyp-hyp-hurray fansites.

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Phenixtri Jan 26 2011, 1:40am replied:

yea.... NKVD the precursor of the KGB "saved jews" I honestly doubt they gave 2 ***** about jews at the outbreak of the war or after it ended as the NKVD was preoccupied with rounding up just about anyone during the Purges in the 30s n later after the war clearing up left over resistance groups that didn't agree with the soviet government.

& again enough with this jew ******** they weren't the only ones Hitler targeted & they certainly weren't the only ones who died. & back to my original point what Poles would be interested & or compelled to kill jews for what reason & provocation? The WW2 Polish resistance movement was well known for hiding jew from Nazi death squads. The only Polish people who would have killed jew would be the post war communist Pols in Lublin. & they didn't target jews for being jews they like any other person would have been targeted for some BS evidence that they may pose a threat to communist state & puppet government being established at the time.

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ComeradeStalin Jan 26 2011, 11:52am replied:

My little patriot, you can't even imagine how ridiculous your words sound. All what I said - historical facts, all what you said - cold war hysteria. I understand that CIA is white, fluffy and the most humane special service in the world. And NKVD/KGB is evil and dreadful. Don't you think that it is rather immature to retell these granny's fables today? You say a word "Purge" but you have no idea what stands behind it.

By insulting polish communists you spit in polish history. Now about "resistance" and evil soviets who left poor "freedom fighters". Yeah, right, 1st aim of the rebellion was to defeat nazies. But if you say "A", be ready to say "B". That "escapade in canalization" in fact, was an attempt to create anti-Soviet state near USSR right in the middle of the War. You DO know that common people were told to start anti-Soviet propaganda, anti-Soviet provocations, and even armed resistance agains Soviet Army soon after germans leave. You DO know that this rebellion was authorized in UK, you DO know that this rebellion was not coordinated with USSR. And now attention! Situation: evil soviets disagreed to bury hundreds thousands of own soldiers in undigested attacks of Warsaw, while polish rebels will establish anti-Soviet government. Of course, who ever cared about lives of soviet troops? In other words, soviets are bad because they didn't want to die while rebels will create anti-Soviet Poland.

"what Poles would be interested & or compelled to kill jews for what reason & provocation?" - maybe those from 100 000 polish volunteers who served in nazie army and fought against USSR?
"communist state & puppet government" - so pro-Soviet government is bad puppet government, and pro-Western government which fled to UK in 1939 is good and not puppet government?))) This is double standards. "I can see when it is convenient for me, and I'm blind when it is inconvenient for me".

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Phenixtri Jan 26 2011, 8:28pm replied:

CIA humane? what the **** are u smoking they are worse than the KGB project MK Ultra proved that. & Stalin was only interested in creating a puppet government in not only Poland. He negotiated with the allies to split their spheres of influence as they called it in Europe. & the Pols didn't establish a anti soviet government they were only seizing control for their own government to return from exile in London. Point is that the resistance was under the partial control of the Polish Republic government in exile. Also The Soviets were not the only ones who practiced this kind of geo political pragmatism. The US & part of the UK governments were also very guilty of it as Yalta & Tehran conferences prove this.

The US (UK & Winston Churchill were pushed out of the power loop by now) sold out Poland to the USSR & Stalin who in turn promised to leave Greece alone which at the time was on the verge of becoming communist.

Also the Lublin communists were a puppet government since they couldn't do anything that the Kremlin didn't approve of. Poland's Western government in exile was independent & often went against British & US plans about the Cruson line & the pacts they made with Stalin at Yalta & Tehran.

The Prime minister from 1939 to 1943 was Władysław Sikorski who was against any notion of the Soviets controlling Poland either directly or indirectly. It was for this reason that he was killed in 1943 when his plane mysteriously crashed. & No I doubt the Soviets did it chances are it was one of the allies since his actions caused problems for them when it came to Soviet relations especially after the Katyn incident was reported & investigated by the red cross.

As for the 100,000 Nazi Pols show me substantial proof of this. I know there were some who were wither of German decent or already pro Nazi / nationalist but for 100,000? seems a little off or exaggerated to me just like how western sources say that Russians lost soldier in the tens of millions.

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Admiral_Skeybar Nov 16 2010, 7:25am says:

Interesting group you have here. It's also interesting to see that so many of you say that despite you don't like war, you think it will never stop. Is this because of human nature you think?
I personally have still got hope for the future, no more war will probably put an end to war-games too but let's let future gamers worry about that. :)

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SinisterExaggerator Sep 24 2010, 4:55pm says:

there will always be war as much as it is a horrible event

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Nietschechen Sep 15 2010, 1:10pm says:

Please no anti-ANYTHING BUT WAR ok? This group beginns to be racist... Thake that ****** anti-zionism/USA propangada away from here OR include other Nation/Group Warcrimes or War support (Terrorists, Turkey, UDSSR, China, Europe, Fundamentalism of ANYkind ect...)!

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feillyne Sep 16 2010, 9:51am replied:

Yeah, e.g. secret CIA prisons in Poland and Lithuania that ARE part of the so-called scamish "war on terrorism".

Plus the pogrom in Jedwabne, Jews were murdered by Poles in cold blood, following the Nazi propaganda.

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Lamarovsky Sep 17 2010, 10:57am replied:

There is many secret CIA prisons located in different parts of the world, so dont be surprised if you hear about one near from your side,
It look like to an international network

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Aug 4, 2010
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