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Hey Gunners! After eight long months of blood, sweat and tears, we finally have the announcement you've been waiting for.

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Hey Gunners!

After eight long months of blood, sweat and tears, we finally have the announcement you've been waiting for.

As most of you already know, Emotional Robots has been working on porting Warm Gun from PC to iOS. We've since molded Warm Gun into a singleplayer, multiplayer and offline mode experience through two seperate apps: Warm Gun and Warm Gun:Carnival of Bullets. We're proud to announce that both apps have been submitted to Apple for approval. Both apps are in queue and will go live as soon as they're approved. We've been submitting builds to Apple over the last 4 months and all have been approved so we don't expect the approval process to take very long at all.

We as developers had a mission to accomplish. We told you guys that this game would be shipped by summer 2011. The last official day of summer is 9/22, so we slid in as the doors were closing.

It has taken eight months of grueling 12 hour days (7 day work weeks) to bring Warm Gun and CoB to the app store. We want to give special notice to our beta testers who were all-stars in finding bugs and gameplay issues. They came in at the last minute and really stepped up to help us find and squash tons of nasty bugs. Warm Gun wouldn't be nearly as good without their input and support.

While all the developers at Emotional Robots would love to get some sleep, we believe that launching a game is not the final step in the process. We have finally hit gold, but now it's time to refine that gold into something beautiful. Players will surely uncover even more fun bugs, glitches and gameplay issues and we are more than ready to tackle them. We're also already in development on our first update, which will include a lot of extra functionality to both Warm Gun and CoB.

The ERI motto is to "update often", so be ready for some awesome improvements and features coming to the games post-launch.

Good luck on the battlefield - I'm sure we'll cross guns soon!

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Garyn Dakari

Wow...Good job guys, I am very impressed at the speed you made that game!

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Cool stuff, don't got an iphone and such though

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Awesome :D. Now i just need to get an ipad 2 to play it :D.

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Grats guys!

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very nice news... Looking forward to the release

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