waz up! So If ya wanna bi big an'mean, If ya wanna be best an' green,If ya wanna get da job done fast,Da ORK CLAN iz where it's at! greetings from moddlord1

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waz up! moddlord1 here this is a new group about orcs.yes you heard it good orcs orcs orcs!! join me here.

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waz up! welcome my fellow soldiers.i hope this page will do great.i am going to keep posting here media and talk.my name here on moddb is moddlord1 just testing now. i am a hardcore gamer i have many games but warhammer and lord of the rings movies and games battle for middle earth serie keep pulling me back.the orcs are created they say by the roman god orcus he is the god of death,like the greek god hades,j.r.r tolkien in his lord of the ring books had the name from orcus .he said in a letter
Orc I derived from Anglo-Saxon, a word meaning demon, usually supposed to be derived from the Latin Orcus—Hell.

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The elves(all factions of the elves),orcs(corrupted elves),trolls,dwarfs,undeads,beastmans and the reptillians named races known from the celtic mytohologies and the celtic culture was the second important culture in the SPQR imperium add romanium.

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many cultures have different tales of orcs.but your tale is of j.r.r.tolkien orcs derived from elves.celtic tale in german thurizas=the rune of chaos,nors= Jötunn are a mythological race,i want to post the tales if i have the time.

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warhammer tale of orkz look at this site Warhammer40k.wikia.com

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moddlord1 Author

link to the ork clan = Moddb.com

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moddlord1 Author

new = warhammer dark forces,science fiction,fantasy clan - i am posting about games,movies and everything i can find.do you want to be a member? the links are on my page or if you send a message back i send invitations.greetings

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