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Weekly OMG Development Update 5 ---> Short and Sweet

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Progress continues towards the Alpha, status is as follows:

(For alpha)
Database Structure: 100%
Units in Database: 100%
Upgrades in Database: 100%
WarCP Company Builder: 100%
WarCP Battle Room: 100%
WarCP Battle File Generator: 75% ( waiting on something - info to follow)
British Costs/Balance (Prelim) 100%
PE Cost/Balance (prelim) 100%
Amer Cost/Balance(prelim) 100%
Werh Cost/Balance (prelim) 100%
Gamemode 100%
SCAR code: 100%
RGDs 100% (see note at bottom)
Integration of RGDs with SCAR 0%
Packaging of Mod for distribution 0%

Yep, that's right - everyone has been busting their asses to get us playable and rolling, persistency is not far behind this at all - one small script that needs to be worked out but should be very soon after the initial launch

Unfortunately we have no ETA on the launch of the Alpha because our RGD coder has been missing since Tuesday, and nobody can get hold of him. We all hope nothing happened to him, but until he re-appears and gives us the files he completed weeks ago we're limited to very basic testing.
*Edit: Bonte has returned, after taking care of some personal issues he is back and working hard on the RGD completion. Says he will have them done by tomorrow night. Which means alpha release should happen within 10 days.

As soon as that occurs, we're back on track for a Dec1 public release with amer/werh+doctrines+persistency

That's it for now, we're all working very hard on this and appreciate the support many of you have given us over the last weeks and months, we think you'll be very pleased very soon.



ok, only the wehr and the americans will be in the first alpha, but the pe and the brits are going to be included very soon after its release...

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