This is a seperate group to Bethesda Softworks as at the minute it seems that there isnt an oblivion modding group, so it was decided that this one would be created.

Today i began the long haul of map creation for TES : IV Oblivion.

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Hey guys, and here it is the first news post.

This evening ive been working on my first mod for Oblivion. Its a new cave and extremely early WIP as i've only just started this evening, but i can feel in my bones this may be the start of something special. Naturally this is my early work and as such is very prone to change and evolution into something i hope will be a more complete dungeon.

Ive updated the media section with 3 WIP screens and ill update them as soon as i finish other parts of my map and its looking a bit more complete, enjoy!

Comments are welcome criticism or praise, im big enough to take it ;)

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