Oblivion is a wonderful game but in terms of content and attention to detail its predecessors certainly without fail demolish oblivion and it has long since been a goal of mine to successfully make an add on mod for oblivion that brings back some features we might all have been missing or wondering what it would be like in such a beautiful world that elder scrolls IV has brought us. I need to get people interested in something like this all on the same page that have modding skills and would be willing to donate them to a worthy cause such as this. A more precise outline of my ideas and goals are as follows: I would like to have added two new weapon types: staffs (blunt weapon) and thrown weapons (daggers stars and the like) If possible I would like to tare apart the skills blunt sneak and marksmen and blade in to short blade long blade axe blunt staff (if staffs become possible) sneak pickpocket critical strike sneak and bow and thrown (balances will need to made if new skills are added perhaps allowing more major skills. I would like to add banks that hand out loans sell houses and give out credit receipts (this should allow an account to be made at each cities castle and each player should only be allowed a certain amount of gold that can be carried and credit recites should represent the gold in said players account) also the adding of a ships you could purchase (only one per customer) this ship should reduce the time traveled when fast traveling to port cities and a crew should be hired before it can be used for travel when you fast travel to a port city the ship model should take the place of a another docked ship and the boat should act as a house. These are the ideas that I have come up with please add your own. Also if you have modding experience please email me this is a serious goal of mine hopefully a goal of ours I can do voice acting and recording from set up at home I also story board I have produced commercials and other videos so I have experience in the area of story boarding I also do really great voices lol

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Oblivion: A hint of the past.
Oblivion: A hint of the past.
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