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Chilling Soviet plans to launch massive nuclear strikes in Europe followed by a ground offensive in Germany and southern France have been unearthed by a Nato historian.

Posted by Bady90 on Jan 13th, 2010

According to scenarios drafted in 1964, Warsaw Pact forces planned to use 131 tactical nuclear missiles and bombs to sideline NATO armaments and destroy Western Europe’s political and communications centres, in the event of an “imperialist” strike.

In an alarming insight into the “Doctor Strangelove” mindset of Soviet strategists, the Czechoslovak People’s Army, CSLA, was then expected to immediately march over deadly radioactive landscape and invade Nuremburg, Stuttgart and Munich, then bastions of West Germany.

On the ninth day the troops would take Lyon, south eastern France.

Soviet reinforcements would then continue the offensive towards the Pyrenees in the west.

Historian Petr Lunak from NATO’s information office in Brussels, found the 17-page Warsaw Pact plan while sifting through declassified communist-era documents in Prague’s military archives.

“Russians outlined the general (war) plan, while the (leaders of) individual Warsaw Pact armies prepared precise military blueprints, with details on front lines, deployment of troops and arms,” said Mr Lunak.

The text, written in Russian and entitled CSLA Plan of Action for a War Period, was signed by the Czech defence minister of the time and carried president Antonin Novotny’s stamp of approval.

According to Mr Lunak, the plan was still an option until 1986, three years before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It was shelved by Vaclav Havel in 1990 when he was elected Czech president.

While most Western planners were convinced that any first strike would lead to total mutual destruction, the plan - written in matter-of-fact language - shows that Warsaw Pact nations presumed a massive ground war would follow nuclear attacks.

Mr Lunak described the military plans as “fairy tale” thinking based on World War II warfare: “They (the Soviets) really planned to send ground troops out in the field and have them fight for a few days until they died from radiation,” he said.

The final draft of the invasion plan was completed under Soviet Communist Party chief Nikita Khrushchev, shortly after the 1961 Cuban missile crisis, when the United States and the Soviet Union had teetered on the brink of war.

According to the Prague documents, Moscow’s commanders fully expected western “imperialists” to make the first nuclear strike.

Mr Lunak includes the plans, as well as interviews with Czech generals of the time in his book, Planning the Unthinkable: Czechoslovak War Plans, 1950-1990.

The first English translation of the text was published earlier this month by the Parallel History Project on Cooperative Security, which analyses and publishes declassified NATO and Warsaw Pact archives.

Vojtech Mastny, a senior fellow at the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C., who coordinates the project, said the 1964 document is the first such detailed war plan to come to light. “There’s no doubt that the plan would have been used if the green light was given from above - the political leadership of the communist bloc,” he said.

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Dr.Afanickton Jan 14 2010 says:

lol WIN

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wojciech Jan 14 2010 says:

yea huh one nuke planed too drop on map is very close on my home
i leave near by katowice above "k" letter "K"atowice
hah explosion wave can kill my home easly
good article one command and everybody die

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Fauerholm Jan 18 2010 says:

luckily i didn't see any nukes on norway hehehe, though i worry that some of the radiation from the crater where denmark used to be might affect my beloved norway:/
but i must admit.. the thought of denmark turning into a radioactive crater DOES get my juices flowing hehehe

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DaWhuper Jan 20 2010 says:


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GriffinZ Jan 21 2010 says:

god darnit why didn't they bombed skåne (the south tip of sweden)... we don't want them >:-(

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wojciech Jan 24 2010 replied:

defcon and everybody die ;]

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Cozmin95 Apr 23 2010 says:

No nukes near Romania! :D

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darkshade311 Apr 25 2010 says:

Europe and another world war who would have guessed...

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TheGreatGonzo May 2 2010 says:

anoother world war??? JESUS CHRIST MAKE IT STOP!!! im not a hippie but make peice not war!

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Guest May 26 2013 replied:

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AirborneSn1p3r May 8 2010 says:

man the world would have really been screwed if this had happend

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XeroS1x May 28 2010 says:

Silly. BTW, what is the source? where did you get this from?

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IceViperLat Jun 1 2011 says:

why noone did not added planes how american wanted to launch whole arsenal on soviet union?and had not just 1 plane,for whole cold war had 5 those plans...

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Battle8111 Jun 9 2011 says:

it would be M.A.D. , Mutaly, asured, distroction. No won would win a nuclear war, evan if you had the first strike.

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playmsbk Jun 22 2011 says:

So the genius plan was to wait for NATO to strike with nukes, then the WP would answer with more nukes and then send hundreds of thousands, or even milions of troops into a radioactive hell to fight? They were either too desperred or too quick to think.

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Guest Nov 21 2012 says:

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Guest Nov 21 2012 says:

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