This is a fan club for those who love Nazi Zombies Portable (NZ:P). This is a fan club devoted to the Nazi Zombie: Portable game and that is it. make this site fun and amazing! Nazi Zombies: Portable was created by the NZ Team in order to re-create the amazing game Nazi Zombies. They have done a tremendous job in doing so and have had numerous downloads of the game. The members personally have the game on on our PC and or PSP and hope to see one for tablets pretty soon. this fan club honors the Nazi Zombies: Portable game and hopes to see newer versions of the game soon. The Nazi Zombies: Portable game is based on the Quake engine but makes Quake look like a bitch! While some things in the game are like Quake most are not. The menu, map select, console, and multi-player screens are the only remaining elements of the quake game. The game sounds can be modified with the original Nazi Zombies sounds which can be found on the NZ Team page or this page. Just click on the Downloads page(top)

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Apr 1, 2013 3 comments

Please read this as it is very important, if not everyone will be forgeting the only free nazi zombies which is a very good homebrew game

Status update number something
Nazi Zombies Portable

Status update number something

Feb 21, 2012 Nazi Zombies Portable 36 comments

Long time no update. Well lets fix that by doing one then ;)

Nazi Zombies: Portable 1.1 BETA difference with 1.0

Nazi Zombies: Portable 1.1 BETA difference with 1.0

Dec 3, 2011 3 comments

Beta 1.0 and 1.1 has a difference. This is a blog about that difference and another that I have spotted so far.

*NEW* Nazi Zombies: Portable Fan Club Opens November 30th, 2011

*NEW* Nazi Zombies: Portable Fan Club Opens November 30th, 2011

Nov 30, 2011 3 comments

The new Nazi Zombies: Portable Fan Club Opened today, November 30th, 2011, at 11:38am.

Nov 30, 2011
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