The world is poised for change, will you be a part of it or will you become a footnote in its history?

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Huge Stock Pile Found at the Chernobyl Facility (view original)

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*During a UN nuclear radiation test, a spike in the counter led the ivestagative team to a part of the facility they had never been to before. Guards materialized out of the shadows only to realize that they were severely under gunned as 12 UN soldiers surrounded them.

They were ordered to lower their weapons, and they did. But inside, men were running to and fro trying to cover up what was inside the facility. However, two Mi-24 Hinds with UN logos appeared and ordered everyone to stop moving. However, the enemy was determined to die as they raised their weapons to the air and opened fire on the Hinds.

They never hit the choppers though because as soon as one pulled the trigger, the two Hinds ripped the enemy forces a new asshole. Bodies and limbs went everywhere, blood splattered everything. The enemy didnt stand a chance, and not one stood alive.

The UN team entered the facility and discovered deep underground behind 4 led covered nuclear weapons grade blast doors was a stockpile of nuclear artillery rounds so big that it could have destroyed the entire world alone. The bodies found appeared to be that of former KGB agents and members of the Russian mafia.

They believed to have discovered the source for the nuclear weapons in the middle east and now the threat was eliminated and secured by Nuclear Elements of the BSA, neutralizing the nuclear agents using new Sonic technology.

Agents of the Nuclear Weapons commission of the BSA took over over the investigation and began to search for clues as to how the nuclear weapons ended up in the hands of the Insurgents.*