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The problem with multiplayer mods is the lack of players; the solution is to play them. That's where the Modding Social Club (MSC) at ModDB comes in. Want to get social? Pop into our bi-weekly event-- just join a server of our target game with people in it.

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The Half-Life 2 mod Dystopia comes to mind when I think of cyberpunk mods. Let's play it! Get it off their official website ( or Steam. We play at 1PM, Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, June the 4th.

What is Dystopia? It'a a class and team based cyberpunk first person shooter featuring a war between the Punk Mercenaries and Corporate Security Forces. Gameplay features cyberspace combat and player augmentations.


Many mods suffer from lack of a constant playerbase, regardless of their overall quality. People jump in, don't see anyone online and then never come back. The cycles repeats and as a result many mods struggle to maintain populated servers. Not necessarily because there isn't anyone who wants to play, but because they're never on at the same time. The Modding Social Club aims to alleviate some of the growing pains mods have and help players enjoy some of the under-appreciated mods by having everyone hop on at the same time to play. For all who decide to participate, it means packed servers and good times with fellow ModDB members.

The mod chosen for our first weekend session is Eternal Silence! Even though it's celebrating a recent Steamworks release, this mod deserves a healthy playerbase. Let's show our support, fill their servers and own some noobs! ModDB staff will be playing throughout the weekend. Add us to your Steamfriends if you want to join us directly. (Ryan and Dave) Most importantly, have fun out there!

If you want to keep on top of all updates for future play sessions—we'll be doing a different game/mod every weekend—join/watch this group or join the ModDB Steam group.

Think you have what it takes? Come join the ModDB staff on a massive marathon of Far Cry 2 multiplayer mayhem on the various entries posted for the Far Cry 2 Level Editor Contest. We've got an official ModDB server coming up soon but for now we're playing on a custom maps server that has a bunch of the contest entries installed. There's a ton of great submissions we're going through and we're looking to get the server packed for maximum carnage. Come join us!

Server info:

  • **OFFICIAL SERVER** ModDB Custom Map Contest:
  • Eagle's Nest - Contest Maps:

The Contest Map Pack is a required download for these servers. Don't stress yourself with disconnect errors and get all the maps at once here!

*UPDATE* Everything works! Come play! :D

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