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Greetings and Merry Christmas from The Fall Of Nations Team And Madiba127 Studios, here is a special
update of Fall Of Nations, our first Basic Story to base the mod around and the happenings in the background

First off Fall Of Nations has taken a turn, we are proceeding slowly but we want this, the team are busy collecting ideas working out plans and working on all sorts of ideas to implement into the mod, we have also now moved to our proper forum located at
so post your input in what you think will be a cool feature and what you would like to see make it into the mod such as a unit idea for one of our three nations and more

And Before You leave here is a Special Story that Fall Of Nations is currently developing based on real world events

Back in 2011 a series of movements arose known as occupy movements show up in major american metropolitan areas, including New York, Atlanta Georgia, Washington DC, and Oakland California. They take with them the lessons of the last generation and practice Civil Disobedience, non-violent protesting in the spirit of the civil rights activist a generation before them. They hold many complaints, the top 1% of the country holds 40% of its wealth, the lack of jobs, the CEOs who are destroying their own corporations putting their employees out of work while they retire with billions of dollars that rightfully should belong to those that worked under them. But most of all they are sad the government does not appear to be paying attention to the economic downturn, the government is too busy pointing fingers and paying no heed to the rising crisis, they are disheartened with a government that will not listen to them, and in a democracy such issues are integral to the inner workings of the system.

The year is 2015 (approx release date): The economy has continued to suffer, tensions in Congress are at a peak, neither side willing to budge, on top of it a president who is helpless without Congress cooperating and passing bills. the people are angry and the occupy movements grow, not only are there major movements in every major city, but all over the suburban and rural areas people are rising, unemployment is at an all time high , the conditions are to the point as to make the Great depression of the 1930s look like a time of prosper. Tensions rise further, the national guard is called in to "protect the peace" in the major city centers with the biggest movements, Protesters are outraged the government instead of listening to their legitimate issues, and making solutions to their problems are instead showing off military strength to quell the protesters. Protesters become more aggressive they throw stones at the soldiers, and curse them for not backing up the people.

While many soldiers in the National Guard have mixed feelings even some agreeing with the protesters, they have their duty, their orders. in the turmoil of riots, one in DC gets to the peak, a soldier has lost his calm and shoots into the crowd, 1 person dies a child, 2 others are mortally wounded. For the protesters this is the breaking point, they have been shot at, occupy movements all across the country are turned into full blown riots, the military is called in, tanks roll through the streets, helicopter gunships hover overhead. military commanders are called to use deadly force to quell the rioters, several commanders disobey orders and release the news, to the public, they are branded as traitors. Renegade commanders quickly attach themselves to rioters, no longer is the event a massive riot, the occupy protesters now call themselves the rebellion, the revolution sweeps the country, fighting all around, a bloodbath the likes of which has never been seen before in american history.

In the aftermath both armies are exhausted, the cities of the United States lie in ruins, people forced out of their homes take shelter in the Lincoln Memorial, warming their hands near a lit oil drum, shots can be heard in the distance the last of the fighting ends in Washington, the victor is not clear and it no longer matters, the government officials left are devoid of any power, they can no longer fight, they can no longer enforce, the government of the once mightiest nation lies in shambles no longer capable of wielding a fighting force.

The destruction of the United States leaves a power vaccume, which world power will now become the Hegemon, the ruler of the world, and which Nations Will Fall.

Hi Guys/Girls here is a little update on what is happening with Fall of Nations, it more to do
with can you help us

1) As you can see we are in need of concept art as with out it we just can't more on so
if you think you can help out then that's great, send a PM to myself (madiba127) with some of your work

2) Models we need these aswell, and textures we currently have only two modelers and i would like to at least have three as this means when one modeller is working on a model the others are two, work just goes faster

3) Our Campaign something we have been thinking about needs a story, so if your interested in writing and think you could make a great story line for fall of nations then that's great just send a PM to my self (madiba127), it would be best to have two writers so a great story can be made

Hope you guys/girls want to help us out, we all ways have jobs, no matter what you do if you
think you can help us then just PM me (madiba127)

So this is not just about Jobs Here is a track from Georgios Savvinidis
Act Of War

1:00 PM PST Monday August the 1st, join the most populated Overwatch server you can find and let the good times roll. Ease the pain of Monday! Celebrate the 1st of August!

Overwatch is a creative FPS/RTS hybrid and it could do with some more players.

"Overwatch pits a team of rebels playing cooperatively in first-person (the Resistance) against one player who assumes the role of commander to the Combine forces (the Overwatch), controlling units and the environment around them from a bird's-eye view. Rebels have their usual assortment of weaponry to fight off the enemy (guns, explosives) as well as a few surprises to aid members of their own squad (ballistic shield, health packs).
The Overwatch, on the other hand, has the might of the Combine forces at his disposal, both humanoid and synth, as well as the ability to affect the world they are all in (breaching walls, collapsing escape routes)."

More info at their ModDB page:

Hey guys, it's Deadrawkstar here, from, and this week on Wednesday we'll be playing Ragnarok Arena, for the Source engine. Just for this week, we've moved Modplay Monday to Wednesday due to fourth of July festivities in America, and I actually have the full day off on Wednesday, so I'll be able to play and meet as many of you as possible.

So, here's the actual announcement video, and I'll hope to see you there.

P.S. - Don't forget to track our group. :D

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is a very interesting modern military shooter. It's the only one I know of (Counter-Strike doesn't count) that's a mod. So put down them Calls of Duty and let's play it! 1PM PST, Sunday, June 19 2011.

"Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion based on Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency immerses you into an intense multiplayer combat experience. Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates modern infantry combat that doesn't just encourage the use of teamwork and tactics, but makes it a requirement of survival. The current Operational Theatre lets you go head to head with guerrillas, insurgents and resistance fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan; placing you in the center of current conflicts like no other first-person-shooter. Immersive suppresion fire and damage effects, 1-shot-1 kill dynamics, and accurate weaponry ensure a pace and a dramatic tension that few other games can match."

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