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The Stargate: Vengeance team can't decide on some stuff and we need your help!

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Myself and the rest of the Vengeance team cannot seem to decide on some things so we will need your help to decide on what should be done

We need to name the commander of the new Russian BC-304 class ship and the planet for the Russian Outpost... if you think you have a good name for the commander or the planet then head on over to the Vengeance forum and post what you think they should be called... We will be asking for your help to name new things every now and again, so check back regularly.

While your in the forum, why not give us some feedback on what you think about Stargate: Vengeance, or what you think we could do to make it better...

Oh and im not trying to threaten you into this but if you don't get involved in Stargate: Vengeance your not a real Stargate fan... lol!

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