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Stargate Universe season 2 returns and a new trailer.

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Stargate Universe season 2 returns.

The second half of Stargate Universe season two returns to SyFy on March 7 and SPACE on March 8. There has been no word on a revival of Stargate Universe for a third season or on the production of the DVD films.

Stargate Universe season 2.5 teaser trailer.

A short teaser trailer featuring sneak peeks into the last 10 episodes of Stargate Universe season 2. Spoilers ahead.

[$#!T-Happens] Creator

cant wait for it :]

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It's a damned shame that this is how 14 years of the Stargate franchise is being promoted and will very shortly end - with this chick doing a 1990's Agent Scully abduction moment. I'm seriously going to miss the anticipation of the skillful story telling.

By the same token, I'm looking forward to these episodes and finding out where our characters are off to !

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Dont get down in the dumps jjawinte...

I've heard rumors that there is something in the works called "Stargate Orion" but im not fully sure on that. It might be a movie, hopefully it will be a new series though.


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Hopefully the Stargate franchise gets some funding for those DVD films.

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That's the real issue IMO. Sandbox ownership dickishness and the bickering about their investment returns is ridiculous considering the franchises long-standing successful record and substantial solid fan base.

The movie issues I can understand, but if a show titled " Swamp People " showcasing gulf coast Louisiana delta " gator hunters " in suspenders and flatboats can pull ratings.....c'mon. Let's hope for the best, shall we ?

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