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Ive been recently inspired to create another mod alongside this one, while browsing Fallout 3 Nexus I came across a mod called The Settler or RTS. This mod allows you to create a brand new village in the wastelands ANYWHERE you want to, villagers will come and join and you can also make blueprints of anything in game already to build in your village.

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Ive been recently inspired to create another mod alongside this one, while browsing Fallout 3 Nexus I came across a mod called The Settler or RTS. This mod allows you to create a brand new village in the wastelands ANYWHERE you want to, villagers will come and join and you can also make blueprints of anything in game already to build in your village.

The point of me telling you all this is that, while Im waiting for a new .nif plug-in for 3ds max 2010, I will be creating a 'sub-mod' of sorts, this will let you do something similar but in a set position (since Im not that great at coding yet). The mod will add a new island on a new planet with nothing else on it other than trees, other creatures, a few abandoned mines etc. for you to use when building your town.

The only way to get there will be by Stargate so this will not be released till it is both finished and the first version of Operation Stargate is released, which should both be around the same time.

The village will start as one single building, you will be given a quest to find a few people to help build a settlement, this means traveling to a couple of planets and talking to certain people. You will need 2 builders, 1 crafter, 1 miner, 1 architect and a town guard. All of them will be set people apart from the last one, the guard, which you can choose from a selection of people, who will all be wearing their own set of armour (the guard you choose will become the guard captain of your town, and the armour they wear will be the armour all of the towns guards will wear.

Once you retrieve all of these people they will begin work on the towns first buildings. Well, that is after you choose what your town will look like of course. You will have the option of what every building is styled on, from the original Oblivion buildings, maybe an Imperial City look is more you? or how about an Alteran look? Any style in the mod will be available, I will make brand new models roughly the shape of the vanilla Oblivion buildings (so its easier for me to make work) so that you will be able to make a village that you are the Prime of. I use Prime as I dont want to use Mayor or Count or anything like that. Your village will slowly grow, week by week, more people will join you and more buildings will be built.

The place wont grow by itself of course, which is where you come in, you will be required to go and kill things on the island for their pelts, like bears and wolves. The pelts will go towards the decoration of the town and its buildings. The mines need to be cleared of creatures too, so miners can get to work on retrieving materials. Any time the town needs muscle they will look to you, they will also expect you to pay for anything they cant get from the surrounding area.

All that you do will go towards improving the town. The original building that was there when you first appeared will become much larger and much nicer, and will provide you a home in the town. Nobody else will live there other than you and your guards.

Some unique buildings I have planeed are the Barracks, Mages guild, Fighters guild, Ascendants guild (will explain later), Merchants guild, Academy, Ship Yard (as in the vanilla oblivion sea ships, not the new shipyard I have planned for OS), Night Club, Armoursmith, Weaponsmith and a few others Im keeping a secret for now.

The new guild, the Ascendants Guild, will be my way of adding new spells to the game, the spells will be based on powers that people usually have before they Ascend, like healing themselves and others, telekenesis, and a few others of course. This guild will have people who wish to Ascend and dedicate their lives to it, it will only be available on planets which were or are populated by Alterans.

When the workers build anything it will take them a few days, sometimes up to 25 days depending on the size and complexity of the building, such as a small house will be quicker to build than a large house, and the style of your town will also go towards the speed its build, the wooden shacks from Cyrodill will obviously be quicker built than a high tech Goa'uld styled home. This also affects the amount of gold needed and the materials needed to do things.

The end poduct of your small settlement will be that it grows to a thriving city, which will be named after the planet. I have no intention on making this a huge mod, it will only be simple conversations and a place to stay on the planet, much like having a home in every cyrodill city you will have a home on every planet.

The citizens of your city will be of many different races, any that were in Oblivion and any that I introduce in the mod. They will however not wander the city like they should really as I am only doing this to help me get used to coding and other things on the Construction Set. The Citizens will either be in their home or they will wander around certain areas during the day but their pattern will be the same daily, nothing detailed. I will include some mini-quest like an arena and things like that but nothing extravagant.

The name of the planet and the desing of the island will be decided close to when I begin work in the CS on it. In fact, since I am rubbish at naming planets, I would love it if people would give me some names of planets in the comments, I could do with a few for the other planets too so I can put them up on the wiki.

So to do a quick version of the news, you will get a new planet, and be able to own an entire city, with a style of your choice, guards of your choice, and a massive home for you. There will be new variables added to you, in the form of inventory items, they will be quest items so you cant use them other than for your city or lose them by accident, these will be in the form of Naquadah, Naquadria, Metal, Wood, and Tecknology. They will all be used for separate purposes in your city but you wont need to collect any of them by yourself.

Sorry I do such long news posts but I like to type a lot. If you have any questions please ask away, either in the comments for this news post or in the forums, where you will get a quicker reply.

neronix17 Author

wow Im glad there arent character limits on news posts :O

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Echo-Four Creator


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when can we get a general time of release.

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neronix17 Author

Id say it might be released in summer, Ive got Blender instead of 3dsmax now so I can make .nif models for oblivion. Ive just got to get the rest of the models made and build the first 2 worlds. I MIGHT release a Beta when the gate is in and scripted with a couple places to go, but there wont be any quests or npcs in it if I do that.

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