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Post news Report content RSS feed Bigger than i expected... and keep your mind out of the gutters :P

Well I recently had a look at the amount of members we have and well... the group is bigger than i ever expected it to be :D !!THANKS GUYS!!

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It's been a fair while since i posted a news update to the group so i though i would try and find something to post about... and well i found something i think you might like to know.

Well I recently had a look at the amount of members we have and well... the group is bigger than i ever expected it to be :D
With 360 members the "ModDB Stargate Fan Group" is currently the NINTH biggest group out of the 940 groups that are on ModDB :D.
Hopefully we can continue to grow, and have even more people join the group so we can get ahead of the "United Kingdom" group who have 458 people... and hopefully stay ahead of the Germans who are only 2 people behind us.

I would like to say thank you to those of you who have added pictures, videos, and commented on them, also to those who have linked your Game/Mod news to the group, and those who have generally posted comments on the main page and kept the group lively.
Also a the Final and Biggest thank you of all to [SCΛRECROW], who has massively livened up the group with the header, the awesome Stargate Monthly updates, and many many other things. :D

ALSO if any of you come across any games that don't link their news to the group if you could it would be awesome if you could ask them if they would like to link to our page. Thanks :D


the fact that we are beating a country is quite awesome me thinkz ;P

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That said it is germany...

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dont wont to offend the german members or anything 10 =D

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Thanks. Here's to even more members!

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[$#!T-Happens] Author

YAY!!!!... I second that :P

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omg i saw updates and then saw shithappens then the tittle Bigger than i expected and i was like WTF O_O

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