The development group for Multiplayer Intense Realism Video-game. Currently its just me, but anyone with experience modding the ID Tech 4 engine is a welcome addition. Most likely MIRV will not be released unless I get at least a few people helping me out. MIRV will most likely be a free, hopefully stand-alone full conversion for the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. All you need to help out is a decent knowledge of the engine and a copy of the game (it's cheap, I found one for $10). I am looking mostly for people with a knowledge of the ID Tech 4 source code and for modelers with a good knowledge of how to make fully-animated .md5 models. However, I will also accept you into the dev team if you have a decent ID Tech 4 mod out. The rewards will be: a part in what will hopefully be a popular mod (could help you get a job in game dev), possible monetary gain (from donations) and last but not least, my gratitude. If you wish to know more about the game, please ask, Adam

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