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A tribute to all old school modders, to all friends that made it possible to reach our prestigious goal.

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Friends... Modders are our brothers, our family and our soul. Some have been lost along the way, some went down as soon as we stormed that beach.
We used maps, models and cool sound effects to get up that beach and silence the enemy guns.
We faced critical choices, some bad and some good.
Looking at the big picture now I can see how much have been lost and so much gained.

Maps, mods, add ons... Many of them have been buried in the gory sand and washed away by the sea's waves. There's not many of us old schoolers left. Many have moved on, some have died on that muddy beach...

This text is a reminder to the new generation of modders to not give up like so many of us did.
I hope this text gives you something to think about when you leave your home to go and storm that beach.

But just remember that the enemy, the critics, the people that want to bring your work down, whoever it might be to hold the gun and fire at you... They won't stop until you reach the Shingle, No they won't stop until you scream out the words so many of us have shouted out before you.

"My work is done."

And when those words reach your mouth, when you feel exhausted and content.
That's when you know that you've won.

But what do I know, you might ask.
I know, cause I've faced and overcame those challenges.
Either it was power failures, BSOD's, Viruses or Just critics, I finally overcame the muddy beach.

And reached the shingle.


A tribute to all Old school modders.

Here's a couple of people who either left us or just got lost, or is just hiding behind the shadows.


And so many more, too many to count.

I beg you to remember these people and follow in their footsteps.

Craftan out.


! beautiful well done!

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Gefr.Grün Author

Thanks :)

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