For the fourth time, MaverickServers is hosting a Quake 3 level design competition. Mappers from the community are encouraged to participate; veteran mappers and those looking to get into mapping are welcome to join in on the fun. Prizes will be awarded to the best maps. Sapphire, Wacom, Kot-in-Action and Massacre Servers are already sponsoring and there are more to come. The contest will start on June 2nd and run for 10 weeks until August 11th. Judging will occur for 1 week after. Registration deadline is on June 23rd. This group will track the progress of the maps, being created during this event. This reaches from scribbles, to blocking and alpha testing to the final mappack. Other material like for example interviews with the level designers will be released as well.

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The #4 level design competition for Quake3 finally has been launched, nevertheless you can still register to take part! But still... what is Maverick's mapping competition all about?

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So, what's this all about? Maybe it's the best to start from the beginning.
Maverick, host of had the idea to support NoGhost, an instagib mod for Q3A, by launching a new level design competition, which started on 1st of November and ended on 12th of December 2009. The feedback and participation was so satisfying, that only half a year later the next part of this competition series started. Meanwhile three competitions have been held. The last one ended on August 13th 2011.
By now also three final mappacks have been released and the outcome is just astonishing.

Eraser, the creator of the single player mod "EntityPlus" (, once stated:
"[...] it (Q3A) does have the most talented and versatile creative community of all games. It's amazing to see what people can squeeze out of this 12 year old game."

Watch the maptrailer from this competition series and allow yourself to be convinced. You can find it under the videos tab of this group. Meanwhile a lot of maps have been ported to QuakeLive, like sock's "Focal Point".
Nice side effect for the mappers is, that Maverick could get some sponsors onboard. The list includes names like AMD/ATi, Sapphire, Autodesk, Wacom, MassacreServers, Kot-in-Action, cg textures, Ready Up Radio and many more.

Of course there are several rules you have to follow:

  • Registration is required on the forums and is open until June 23rd
  • The map should hold at least 8 players (suitable for 8 player FFA or 4v4 TDM/CTF) or 2 players for a 1v1 map
  • All maps are judged on the same scale, so a smaller map will be held to same to the same quality and complexity standards as larger maps
  • Map must contain each of the unmodified sponsor images on the map walls; logos will be downloadable shortly after the competition starts
  • Map must be previously unreleased and a new design started at the beginning of this competition; please no map remakes or edits
  • Custom textures are allowed; participants need to make sure all textures are legal to use in this competition
  • Each competitior/competition team is allowed to only submit one map and the .map file should be released with the final .pk3 of the map when submitted to the judges for the final judging (the .map file will *not* be distributed except to judges)
  • All participants are required to post weekly Radiant screenshots to the competition forums showing progress from start to finish
  • Once a map is created play testing and posting screenshots is allowed and encouraged

So if you are still interested in Q3A mapping (and who isn't :D), there is no way around this competition. Registration deadline has been laid on 23rd of June!

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