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OK I found some new facts and didnt want to spam whit comment so here you go!

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Well this one you didints see yet!
The Lord of the Rings story, as told through the Extended Editions, has a running time of 11 hours and 22 minutes.

Peter Jackson made $125 million from the three Lord of the Rings films.

According to a survey of 276,500 people, covering both genders and every age group, LOTR is most popular among the following demogaphics in ranked order:

1. Females under 18
2. Females 44 plus
3. Females 18 to 29
4. Males under 18
5. Males 18 to 29
6. Males 30 to 44
7. Females 30 to 44
8. Males 44 plus
100,000,000 people world-wide have read the books
The face of the fell beast was based on that of a salmon.
Over 6 million feet of film shot during production.
Liv Tyler's father (rock legend Steven Tyler of Aerosmith) fell asleep when he saw FOTR.
At Osgiliath, Samwise says, "It's all wrong! By rights we shouldn't even be here!" In the books Frodo and Sam never visit Osgiliath.
Number of times Frodo falls down -- 34
Number of times Sam eavesdrops -- 7
Number of times Aragorn tosses somebody -- 3
Number of times we see food -- 36
Number of times they play the old "he's dead! No wait, he isn't" trick -- 15
Number of times a hobbit says, "What are you doing?" -- 7
Characters accused of being late-- 4
Number of times a character sings -- 10


Wow that is interesting.....more females than males fan?

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Frodo falls down 34 times

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LOTRuler Creator

hahah nnice!
So a short summary of the movie, someone falls down while eavesdropping then he tosses someone on a pile of food and everbody thinks hes dead but he isn't, then he said what are you doing because you're late and then he starts singing?

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This comment made my day.

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I just tried to imagine that.... cannot comprehend what I'm imagining lol xD

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Very interesting facts, thank you.

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