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Last night I generated a Hyperspace Pinball Linux build using Unity 4! Could this mean it's coming to Linux? Help me decide!

Posted by Gamieon on Apr 20th, 2013

Download link:

Please leave a comment with your distribution, and whether the game worked out of the box.

I have to start with an apology to Linux users: I could have had this out months sooner, and I'll explain why:

When I first found out that Unity was supporting Linux, I was very much looking forward to adding one more platform to my programming kung-fu belt. I had already purchased Unity 3.5 Pro, iOS and Android licenses...and was crushed to discover I would have to pay for another license to get Unity 4 Pro. My interest in the Linux port ceased...

...that is until I learned something last night after reading the Unity FAQ a little more carefully: I could still get Unity 4 with a free license, make a new Hyperspace Pinball branch, open that with Unity 4, and build a Linux version seamlessly.

The only barrier now is QA...I've only ever spent 0.00001% of my life tinkering with Linux distributions; mostly out of curiosity. I don't have a dedicated computer with any distribution, nor do I have any desire to dual-boot my existing computers. I'll need to figure something out on my end; maybe I'll buy a very cheap computer since I want to have one around anyway for chaos testing.

At any rate, this is all new territory for me, so I'm looking for feedback from everyone telling me whether it runs or not and with what distribution they're using. I honestly don't know what I can do if it doesn't work; but if I have at least a couple people telling me "it works fine," then I will put it on Desura. Since I already did it for PC users, I'm 99% certain I will release the Linux version for free for the first week if testing goes well.

If you're a Linux user, please download Hyperspace Pinball from the link above, and leave a comment in this post letting me know your distribution and whether it worked out of the box. How soon I put Hyperspace Pinball on Desura depends on how fast I get feedback :)

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andreduartesp Apr 20 2013 says:

It's working on Kubuntu 10.13 64bits

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AlexVSharp Apr 20 2013 says:

Tried it on my Linux Mint 13 MATE 64bit and it works.

I did find a missing feature and a bug though:
Bug: Sometimes the ball seems to get stuck 'inside' the flipper with no way to free it.
Feature: There's no way to play the game in a window... :P

btw, I'll repost this news on so you can get more testers.

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silviucc Apr 20 2013 says:

Running on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit. I can confirm the bug with the ball getting stuck under/in the flipper.

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TheReaperUK Apr 20 2013 says:

Game is working, but found a few bugs.


xubuntu 12.04.2 (32 bit)
ATI Raiden HD 6870
AMD Bulldozer FX 3.6ghz
4 gb ram
Asus mother board with onboard sound.


Ball sometimes gets stuck inside the flippers, and ball also got stuck while playing on/in the top of the start tube thingy (not sure what to call it, its where the ball shoot's out of when you first start with down arrow)

Wish list:

Remap controls, i would have liked to use left shift and right shift (if possible).

Other then that it run and played okay, music and sound seem okay to, and thanks for the linux support.

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MikeFrett Apr 20 2013 says:

Game works on Xubuntu 12.04.2 (32bit), AMD 6670, AMD FX4100, 4GB Ram. Similar to TheReaperUK incidentally. And yes the ball gets stuck in the Flippers to an obscene amount. And while It is beyond my understanding that you have no interest in using Linux, I (we) thank you greatly for your game and hope for more in the future!. =)

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faemir Apr 20 2013 says:

Works fine in Arch linux 64bit. I managed to get the ball stuck quite a lot, and it didn't detect my res correctly (dual screen with nvidia proprietary drivers), but it ran rather fine.

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Guest Apr 20 2013 says:

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UbuntuIsFriendly Apr 21 2013 says:

Works fine on Ubuntu 12.04 (64bit).

Great game, and thanks for the Linux support!

Yes, the ball gets stuck a lot. Strangely that doesn't completely disrupt the game. If it gets stuck for too long it poofs into thin air and you have to launch it again.

Instead of buying a computer, why not use a virtual machine (it's very easy). Of course, I mean install Linux and use the virtual machine for Windows :)

Wish list:
- Would be nice to use the keyboard arrows for the menu. Mouse works fine though.
- The mouse pointer takes too long to fade away, IMHO.

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etam Apr 21 2013 says:

openSUSE 12.2 KDE 64bit; Nvidia optimus with bumblebee/primusrun;
Game works out-of-the-box.

Great, simple casual game. I like it very much :)

Wish list:
- keys remapping
- fullscreen toggle; resolution selection
- display the menu entry animation (ball's point of view) only at start.

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s3rg3i Apr 21 2013 says:

Works out of the box on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit with ATI HD6950.

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ratwrath Apr 21 2013 says:

The game works for me on openSUSE 12.3 64-bit with KDE and Nvidia driver 310.44. I did experience the ball getting stuck in the flipper several times.

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DirtY_iCE Apr 21 2013 says:

Gentoo amd64, nvidia gt320m with nvidia drivers. The game works, except the ball always get stuck. Sometimes it doesn't get stuck, it just intersects with the flippers, and when I release them it shoots the ball in a random direction...

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sulami Apr 22 2013 says:

Arch Linux 64, HD7970, fglrx, i3. Flawless.

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Guest Apr 22 2013 says:

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Xpander69 Apr 22 2013 says:

works great on my end:
Processor:AMD Phenom II X4 955 , ~3.6GHz
Memory:8 GB (2x4GB) DDR3 Kingston Hyper-Z (1600Mhz)
Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-970A-D3
Operating System:Arch Linux 64bit, MATE Desktop Environment
Video Card:Asus Geforce 560 Ti DirectCU 1GB, 319.12 beta drivers
Monitor:ViewSonic VA2431 24" + LG Flatron L1953S, 19"
Sound Card:Realtek ALC889
Kernel: 3.8.7-1

as said previously here, ball gets stuck into the flippers.
windowed mode is not there (but at least it doesnt F up dualmonitor setup like many other games do in fullscreen mode).

thanks for bringing it to linux

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suhy Apr 22 2013 says:

On newest Arch 64 with Gnome3 running on ATI Radeon HD3430 (open drivers) game works. I have low FPS because of graphics card and It would be nice to see option for changing resolution.

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NothingMuchHereToSay Apr 22 2013 says:

Ubuntu 13.04 works fine until the ball gets stuck in the paddles. Nvidia GeForce 220 latest 313.xx drivers.

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Theredbaron1834 Apr 22 2013 says:

Lubuntu x64 12.10 (basically just Ubuntu with openbox window manager and LXpanel).

Works, but I can't change the resolution. I run 2 monitors in 1080p. Does great, but your game was SLOW. Like unplayable. I can play Skyrim, etc, but this just KOed me.

3.8ghz dualcore AMD
HD 5770 1gb ram
4gb DDR3

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bidinou Apr 23 2013 says:

Working here no problem (Kubuntu 12.10 64 bits, core2duo 3 GHz, NV 9800MGTX, Nvidia proprietary drivers).

Could you please add an option to customize keys ? I have an arcade cabinet and would love to use my side buttons with it ;)

It's been such a long time I've been waiting for a new Pinball game... (big Slam Tilt fan, on the Amiga, if you need inspiration ;)

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unaccounted4 Apr 27 2013 says:

Works out of the box, Fuduntu 2013.2

Toshiba Laptop (L650-1HM)
CPU: Intel Core i3 370M (2.40GHz)
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon 5650HD (1GB GDDR3)
Driver: FGLRX 13.4
Display: LVDS + Asus VS228H (2732x768)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1066MHz
Storage: 2 x OCZ Vertex 3 (60GB[/+/boot] & 120GB [/home])
OS: Fuduntu 2013.2 32bit (3.8.8 PAE Kernel)
DE: KDE 4.10.2

There's a bug where the ball gets stuck between the flipper and the table, most times you can release it by tapping that flipper key a few times, sometimes you need to restart the game.

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