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A brief outline of the mission of 'Grand Strategy: Space War'.

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Grand Strategy: Space War is a DOS-era-inspired 4X sci-fi game.
Today, we'll be putting into words the vision that drives 'Grand Strategy: Space War'.

Our Mission: Deliver a quality balanced/competitive 4X game true to the origins of the genre.

4X games are built around 4 core gameplay objectives: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate (which collectively form the 4Xs of the genre).

Most 4X developers don't dare question the modern standards of a 4X game. We do...


Exploration will serve 3 different purposes.

  • Economy: Players will send out scouts to chart the galaxy and perform survey of the various planets in an attempt to determine potential colony sites.
  • Defense: Players will keep forces on the outskirt of their empire to detect enemy incursions and allow for a defense force to mobilize. Enemy ships will emit noise signatures which will increase based on the amount of components that are activated, making them easier/harder to detect.
  • Offense: Players will send out scouts to perform reconnaissance operations in enemy territory. These operations will reveal enemy bases, their mobile forces (heading and speed) along with any static defenses they may have erected. Based on the efficiency of the scout, this information may or may not be complete.

(more information: Noise & Sensors, an upcoming article).


  • Resources are scarce and finite: they will determine the worlds you need to colonize.
  • Players won't be expected to expand to every planet within their reach: Players will carefully need to gauge whether they need to expand, as with every expansion so too will come the toll of logistics.
  • Many worlds will be dead rocks, not worth the trouble, and though some worlds will flourish with certain resources, they may be useless to you at that given time.


  • Players will only have limited means to invest in new colonies, and everything they will spend to develop new worlds can't be spent on ship construction.
  • Investing too little in new colonies will make them inoperable for so long that they'll hardly ever be profitable. Investing too much, on the other hand, will make them unprofitable if the resources run dry too quickly, and more importantly, won't allow you to build the ships you need to defend your expansion.
  • Because the resources will be localized, it will be challenging to get the resources you need where you need them on-time.


  • Players will only command limited numbers of ship, and each of them will matter. This isn't a numbers game, its a game of strategy. Your army can't be everywhere, outnumbering the opponent.
  • We believe smaller numbers will make the game easier to understand so that players can learn from their mistakes instead of sitting back and enjoying 'the show'.
  • Small numbers will also help low-tech ships to remain relevant.
  • Supply lines will be critical for the survival of the fleet. Even the most capable warships will fall without proper organization.
  • Combats will become nearly predictable through experience, as they'll be mostly deterministic.
  • Battles will include: ship vs ship, ship vs planet (bombardments and planetary defenses), ground invasions.

We'll followup with articles directed at explaining and detailing each of the above along with any game feature that will be included in the game.
In the meantime, you can visit our DevLog.

Stay tuned!

- Orymus.


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orymus Author

Hey thanks!
Hopefully it will. We've even started a spinoff arcade-ish game based on it!

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