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1 November marked 15 years since the beginning of the LoK franchise.

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More explicitly, from the release of Blood Omen on November 1, 1996. Blood Omen was praised for its high-quality voice acting, moody atmosphere, and compelling storyline, something rare at that time. Kain, a nobleman, is murdered in Ziegsturhl, outside the tavern of the landlord, and renewed as a vampire by Mortanius the Necromancer, meaning the very beginning of the series. I'd like to remind you there are still signs that Square Enix would be interested in LoK, and that the fanbase is still strong:

- A new website has been made by Jake Pawloski destined to be an 'Anthology' of Nosgoth.
- He also posted a video with the occasion of 15 years of LoK.
- Blood Omnicide is also still alive and rockin', so be sure to check them out and vote for them
on ModDB's Mod of the Year Contest!
- Also, you can check out the full version of LoK: Revival - a 2D fanmade sidescroller game in which Kain travels through different areas within Nosgoth and the demon dimension where the Hylden were banished a long time ago.
- Ascare wishes to get his website back for Fall of Nosgoth.

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