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You know it just occurred to me... I know that Integrity and the sci-fi story are same-universe now, and there were aliens in the sci-fi story... but come to think of it I don't recall mention of aliens in Integrity.


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A video about the Matt Thompson character's past. (From the Integrity-verse).

I had this idea for a video similar to the Matthew Colt "The Return" one so I started fiddling. Originally was going to be set in Nova Vladivostok and feature Thompson post joining the crew, but I just couldn't quite pull that off resource wise. One of my early concepts was the use of the Russian song Luna by Lyube (because Nova Vladivostok) but when that fell through the song title gave me the idea of "Lunar City." So a little Prey 2 trailer, Blade Runner, and original Judge Dredd footage later... this is what ya get. I think it actually turned out quite cool.

Also this showcases a concept I had where Thompson had been a sort of bounty hunter. Not shown was his hunting Silver (leading to their later making peace and becoming comrades and Thompson's switch to non-law-abiding).

(For anyone interested here's the lyrics in English... although I had to cut the song short a bit and the translations not anywhere near perfect. Still gives you the idea though).

My pack you are right, I'm an old one
I'm like a blunt fang
I can't gnaw my memory of freedom's dreams
There isn't fire in them for long time*
They beat hard
Eyes of my friends, eyes of my friends-wolves!

I'll lick my wounds
I'll end my future
If I see a trap I'll change a road
But not because I'm weak one
Coz my blood can't warm my paws
In the nights I howl to moon for long time -

Moon, moon, moon -
Break silence with my howling.
Moon, moon, moon.
There are only the moon and a wolf in the forest

Take me to you*

Moon, moon, moon -
Break silence with my howling.
Moon, moon, moon.
There are only the moon and a wolf in the forest
Moon, take me to you

My pack you are right, I'm an old one
But I can think
I feel places where blood flows
Hunger pressed us
Called to go in long distance
But people's houses it's a lie

I run to darkness
I knew that only
If I go all out I can save you
But a young leader
Did it
He think how to kill me

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