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Apr 16 2009 Anchor


My sister got it, first off!

Although I have started to use it lately, it's actually great.

Any wii players here?

I'm thinking about buying my own to mod it as my sister won't let me near her's. She's too afraid I'll break it. Plus it's stuck in my parents so I don't get much of a chance to use it.

Jun 19 2009 Anchor

I don't have one but i would like to try the Mario game that's out for it.
Other than that i couldn't name a single game since most if not all are mini game packs.

Wii fit would be a plus i guess, as long as no one is looking.

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Jun 19 2009 Anchor

I really want the new resident evil for it, a time crisis-ish game, the samurai game [so I can swing the controller like a sword! :P] and the mario one as you said. Plus it's pretty sweet for roms :D

Truthfully there isn't all that many one player games worth much but the multiplayability of it is through the roof. Plus the wiifit is brilliant.

Jun 22 2009 Anchor

Resi would be interesting, i sort of remember a samurai game for the Wii that was released a while back and i can see the attraction :D. I didn't know the Wii could play roms, (Not that i know much about the machine) i think it plays gamecube games as well.

If i was to get one it would probably be used, not forking out for another console since my last two i bought new have yet to make an impact on me (Ps3 and Gamecube, Gamecude i sold for €17)

Jul 13 2009 Anchor

Gamecube had potential but it was bad timing and overall bad management that ran it into the ground.

Rom's for the wii make it much more desirable especcially when the proper controller is bought rather then the nunchuk.

Jul 14 2009 Anchor

Seems the Wii has some hidden features i didn't consider.

Jul 14 2009 Anchor

It's a pretty good console once it gets some homebrew on it. Plus it uses the opera browser which is always nice to see :D

Also the nunchuks can be set up with your pc to control it, pretty cool.

Sep 29 2009 Anchor

Think i might get one for myself some time soonish.
Had a look on and there are a fair few non family games for the machine. House of the dead, interesting versiion of CoD4 and a a few RPGs that look interesting.

Oct 2 2009 Anchor

House of the dead is great on it, especially if you buy an actual shotgun controller for it to get the proper feel.
Overall the console has great games but due to it's main selling point people often think of it as just silly mini games.
Oh and they are pretty good in the whole price ratio aspect as well!

Oct 2 2009 Anchor

I spotted the prices as well, not bad considering the cost of a new Ps3/360 game is almost double if not boardering triple in some cases.

Oct 19 2009 Anchor

Yeah it's mental, and the browser for the wii is Opera so it has an actually good browser rather then one of those bad console specific browsers.

Oct 19 2009 Anchor

I went and bought the machine, no games as i rent more often where consoles are concerned, Although i did see mario galaxy used for €24.

Oct 25 2009 Anchor

Happy days! What are your thoughts on the console so far?

Oct 27 2009 Anchor

Great fun, need to get some more games before i can really say if it was worth it.
Resi or Cod maybe.

Nov 1 2009 Anchor

Resi is awesome on it

Nov 1 2009 Anchor

Ya it looks great, ther are even a few of them and a new one in the works.
Be interesting to see this new Cod remake as well, made for the Wii

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