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Jun 18 2009, 1:21pm Anchor

I'm currently working on an Oblivion mod, it's a FFVII mod taking the timeline from Zacks Death up to the time of the original FFVII.

Basically it should be pretty interesting having a free world of FVII, if we do it right then I say it will be a pretty epic mod.

I'm writing music for it along with storyboarding and concepting.

Check it out here:

We're contanstly looking for new members seeing as it will be such a large scale mod so if anyone feels like they would like to help then go ahead! :D

Jul 17 2009, 7:40am Anchor

Working on 2 indie games atm, Battle For Dune and SCUD Storm (though we don't really bother updating SCUD here)

Jul 18 2009, 10:32am Anchor

Nice one, I've been mad to get into indie rather then just mods. Got any links to your games?

Aug 4 2009, 6:50pm Anchor

Recently i got on to a psp indie home brew game.
I'm working as a mapper and a modeller there. And needless to say im pretty proud to have been accepted on to the Flaming Ice team.
Best of look Revere26 and cnc95fan with your mods and indies. :)

Aug 5 2009, 7:10am Anchor

Cheers man, the mod I'm working on is coming along quite well and I recently started on an indie game.
Good luck on your psp indie game man, I'm huge into psp and homebrew so it'll be one I'll be watching ;)

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