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=DFS= Devils Favourite Sons! A BF2 Clan from Ireland (Groups : Irish Group : Forum : Free discussion : =DFS= Devils Favourite Sons! A BF2 Clan from Ireland) Locked
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Apr 24 2009 Anchor

Hi we are a BF2 clan the country of rain rain
and more rain,Ireland. Our clan believes in being evil, but please no
racism!!!We are a small clan at the moment but are hoping to grow into
a strong clan. Are rules are not very strict, just NO hacking, no
padding(where is the fun in it!?!) and no racism! We are currently
recruiting and hope to see some fresh players as well as some veterans,
. We have also got a site at can also email us at . If you have seen mukai92, mike_slain3 or ballinaspickwarrior that is us.. So come check us out and hopefully you will join us!!



"Lets Be Bad Guys"
Srry if i can't advertise, just tell me and delete topic!!

Edited by: Mukai

May 7 2009 Anchor

I've been meaning to pick up BF2 for a while so you may see me join you in a month or two. ;)

May 7 2009 Anchor

Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! We really need some new members!!!! Hey you could join our site if you like, we can give you tips before you play.

wraithlord77 Freespace2
Jun 22 2009 Anchor

started playing BF 2142 again after nearly 2 years( gave up becouse of the PUNKBUSTER crap) and now i find the DAM thing works, NO PB probs in fact i've had four 8 hr sessions online on 32 and 64 player servers with no glitchs or kicks and i'm using a crapy wireless usb broadband modem.
Forgot the buzz off getting a head shot from ALL the way across the map.LOL and the have some good deals on the compleat BF2 series , think i'll invest too.



Jun 23 2009 Anchor

Yeah guys do!!!! I have both BF2 and BF2142 and in my opinion BF2 is better, more open maps with lots of vehicles or infantry only city servers ROCK!!!!!!! So if anyone does get BF2 feel free to join our clan the website is on my 1st post. We need all the recruits we can get and if your shit :P we can help you become a better player(we hope)
=DFS=Mukai92 Public relations :D

wraithlord77 Freespace2
Jun 25 2009 Anchor

OK just bought the complete edition 12.50 on
see you soon.



Jun 25 2009 Anchor

Yay!!!!!!!!! To be very effective in our clan you'll need skype(we tried Team speak and xfire but it was too much hassle). So just join the site and we will help get you started.

wraithlord77 Freespace2
Jun 29 2009 Anchor

Game arrived today ,LOOKS FECKIN COOL, tried the link above to your site But "WEBS" tells me there's SITE NOT FOUND.



Jun 30 2009 Anchor

Rite srry bout that. Try . Oh BTW do u have skype? Its how our clan communicates(we are a little weird in that sense XD)

Jul 13 2009 Anchor

I'm still in the process of getting my hands on that game, have a few others to finish first though. Expect me about in a while!

Jul 14 2009 Anchor

Yup no probs mate :). Wraithlord77 has joined us too. Can't wait to pwn u oh I mean play along side u :P

*Update* We have recently moved to . And we now play many different games that include BF2 and especially the mods made for that game. So you can just join even if you don't play BF2 :)

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