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Pandut Mar 1 2013, 2:31pm says:

Hmmmmmmmmmm... tough tough choice. I'll have to go with A though, seems to be the more "lightweight" kit.

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Chompster Mar 1 2013, 2:41pm says:

either B or C can't really decide

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MattmanDude Mar 1 2013, 2:41pm says:

Either B. or E.

B is my preferred setup though, only reason I'd choose E is to get the gasoline. But hell what are the chances of finding a working car anyway? And if it's a full blown apocalypse, where ya gonna go?

So I go with B.

Also lol @ the Huffington Post article. They make it sound like Fido.

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Aralvar Mar 1 2013, 8:17pm replied:

A common misconception, gasoline and a working car would be really easy to find in the zombie apocalypse. It's not like the zombies managed to blow up everything, there's abandoned cars everywhere. With gas ready to be siphoned.

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MattmanDude Mar 1 2013, 8:36pm replied:

After a while they'd likely fall into various states of disrepair though. Of course if the zombie apocalypse had just recently struck.

Still, where do ya go? I doubt there'd really be any such thing as a "safe" zone. :P

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Aralvar Mar 1 2013, 10:06pm replied:

Low population areas probably. I doubt all the zombies in a town would stand around in one small area. You would kill a few as you found them wandering the streets and buildings, they probably wouldn't be incredibly dangerous in small numbers (even a heavy coat could be enough to prevent them from biting you), but you could eventually make an entire small town clear of zombies if you worked hard towards it. Killing twenty or so zombies a day, in a town with a population of 2,000, would take 200 days. And you wouldn't even need the entire town to be completely clear, just a large portion of it where it's not dangerous anymore.

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MattmanDude Mar 1 2013, 11:09pm replied:

Actually, a lot of human beings physical limitations come from mental barriers put up to keep us from harming ourselves.

Theoretically, a zombie could have speed, strength, and biting force far greater than that of a normal human being as those mental barriers would likely not be there anymore. They'll bite until their teeth break, they'll run until their tendons snap. Y'know?

So I doubt they'd be that easy to clear out, unless you had a lot of firepower and a decent sized group.

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Aralvar Mar 2 2013, 12:50am replied:

They're also easy to kill. Damaging the brain sufficiently is all you need. One runs at you? Stab him in the forehead, he's done. Really you would only need some minor armor to be practically invincible from zombies. You ever tried to bite through a recycling bin? It's near impossible for a human being. And they're everywhere. Imagine making some makeshift armor out of that stuff, and making makeshift gauntlets with it.

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MattmanDude Mar 2 2013, 1:35am replied:

Very possible. Although I'd be wary of the stabbing in the forehead part. Might want to avoid getting drenched in infected blood, lol.

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Aralvar Mar 2 2013, 2:58am replied: +3 votes     reply to comment
MattmanDude Mar 2 2013, 3:45am replied:

Haha. That'd work. :)

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tt0022 Mar 1 2013, 2:46pm says:

B. with a sniper you can take them out 1 shot at the time to spare bullets. you can sleep safe with a claymore. the katana is good reach for if you run out of ammo. and that other weapon will just do fine if set on 1 shot at the time.

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PeaceKeep0r Mar 1 2013, 3:03pm says:

E or C

Leaning more towards E though

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Foxhounde Mar 1 2013, 3:29pm says:

The only thing I have against E is the Chainsaw. As someone who has used a Chainsaw it is bulky, loud, heavy, and has a small fuel capacity. You would be better off dropping it.
The thing I like about E is the AK, if you want a weapon that won't fail you and is good for most situations that's the one to grab.

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Sanguinius Creator Online
Sanguinius Mar 1 2013, 4:34pm says:

B kit is my choice, it's always fun to chop up zombies with the katana and when you are bored you can always snipe them from some roofs...

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Calgar Mar 1 2013, 4:34pm says:

A. Can't go wrong with a shotgun. Pistol will make last stands look badass with a knife in your mouth and a live grenade in the other hand.

Turn me into a zombie will you? Think again prick-heads!

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FrikysKiller Mar 1 2013, 4:48pm says:


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White_Hand Mar 1 2013, 6:42pm says:

B. Claymore is cool.

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attackmike Mar 1 2013, 7:23pm says:

B i can use the sword=D well i can do with just a bo staff but thats not that lethal to the undead... would have to bash their head in like a baseball bat=/

sniper is for other hostile humans=D

+1 vote     reply to comment
█Black/Brunez█ Mar 1 2013, 7:45pm says:

B by far. You get a nice long range and a nice short range weapon (without counting that both are silenced), a ******* katana and a Claymore which is exelent to set up traps.

On A I simply don´t understand the huge ammount of short ranged weapons. And as I said on the past, Shotguns are overrated on zombie apocalipses (only effective on short range, slow reload and ******* noize). Maybe it´s only effective aganist other survivors.

E is also a no go because the lack of a real melee weapon. On a emergency you can´t simply take the chainsaw from your pocket and silently eliminate a zombie (without counting that, just like shotguns, chinsaws are ******* noizy)

For D, light machine guns are not really effective, because their lack of precision and for one basic rule: you must not spray bullets on a zombie.

C get a nice primary, but disappointing melee and the molotov (zombies do not feel pain... and it´s much easier to kill a normal zombie than a zombie at flames)

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Aralvar Mar 1 2013, 8:31pm says:

B seems like the best choice. Though I can't say I'm a big fan of that claymore, I'd rather have the Molotovs. Relatively easy to make and can take out a large group of zombies (provided that they don't run at you). The MP5 is great because it uses 9x19 ammunition, one of the most common ammo types you can find. But the suppressor supposedly only works right with subsonic ammunition. And even when it works, it's not as quiet as they pretend it is in the movies. I'd probably just unscrew it anyways. And the Katana is cool. But unless it's a "real" one and not some pawn shop knockoff, it's bound to be pretty dull (which you can fix) and/or break somewhat easily (which you cannot fix, lol).

So really, I'd want to pick A. That's a SPAS-12 right? Uses 12 gauge ammunition, which is another somewhat common ammunition type. And that Beretta uses 9x19 ammunition, which I already mentioned earlier. The machete is great for dismemberment (and sometimes for stabbing) if it's of decent quality and has been sharpened. Though I'm not sure those grenades would do that much to zombies that can only die from a headshot, so it would depend on what kind of zombies they were. Grenades can dismember you, if I'm not mistaken, but they usually won't blow your head clean off.

I wouldn't use the pistols in the normal akimbo way, I'd aim through each sight one at a time. So it would basically be the equivalent of having an extended magazine.

I've probably thought about this too much.

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murauder Mar 1 2013, 9:41pm says:

I'll just go with my combo: Winchester model 1897 shotgun w/ bayonet (military), Colt M1911 pistol, and Molotov's.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Perrydepwner Mar 1 2013, 11:03pm says:

C a nice light weight automatic, a handgun for when my m16a4 (i guess) runs out of ammo, the only good melee weapon (in my opinion) no sound and low chances of it breaking, and most of the grenades probably wouldn't help but the Molotov glass when thrown in a zombies face could hit its brain and kill it.

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Rexango-XV Mar 2 2013, 12:44am says:

I don't really know if anybody is going to read this, but here's my kit. :P
Primary: B.
Secondary: B
Melee: B
Explosive/Throw able: B
Wait what?

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MattmanDude Mar 2 2013, 4:08am replied:

I read it.

Feel better?

+3 votes     reply to comment
infantryspec Mar 2 2013, 4:56am says:

uhm guys...lets think logical for sec...i know that most of aint the strong type...and we would probably have some serious issues on reloading(at the cha-ching part)so if i were you guys i would probably look for revolvers and double barreled shotguns (note* in my country the gas grenade thrower works with explosives too and the reload system is the one of the thumper grenade launcher)

I aint tryin to be a smart *** but revolvers and double barreled shotguns are easy to reload and carry

+1 vote     reply to comment
Blazewamp Mar 2 2013, 7:13am says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Crimson_Skie Mar 2 2013, 7:13am says:

Zombies again? Well, I'd choose A, because I'm very good with scatter-type weapons. I'd could also just run really fast and jump over them.

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BioDestroyer Mar 2 2013, 10:12am says:


Sniper and mp5: Long and Medium range silenced.

Claymore: Sleep safely (If some zombie survive the loud noise will wake you up, so you can defend yourself).

Katana: The bad part is that it requires training to be effective, I would rather have the Machete.

By far the better option (at least for me).

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Seeme Mar 2 2013, 9:19pm says:

I choose D for one reason- the baseball bat.

Now, the others aren't as bad as you all think.
Sure, a MG wouldn't kill the zombies, but will get rid of a horde pretty fast. How? It Will Knock Them All Down! They won't just lazily walk toward you while they are being ripped to shreds, they will fall backwards. Plus, if you have somewhat decent aim, 15-30% of the bullets will go to the head. And those bullets don't stop there, they go though the head, into other zombies. Way more useful then if you in the coner with a sniper.

Smoke is Rubbish, could be used for rescue.

Gun it good I suppose.

And the Baseball bat. Yea, having a machete is cool and all, but it talks ALOT of skill alone with the Katana. Plus, your screwed if you miss. Also, you get blood everywhere, and in the Zombie Apocalypse water isn't everywhere. The bat is not only easy to use, creates little blood, but even if you miss you will knock the zombie down.

You don't need 4 decent things, just two great ones.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mavis130 Mar 11 2013, 1:28am says:

A definitely

12 gauge shells are easy to come by where I live, and cause lots of damage per shot. At that, there are many different types of ammo for shotguns to be used in different situations (if I find a police station, I may be able to find breaching slugs). The Minimi is useless since belted ammo will be hard to find (I'm gonna walk into a military base and get me some ammo!), with the M4 also taking STANAG magazines, but also having the 40mm launcher and a scope. A DMR with a sound suppressor isn't going to be advantageous without subsonic ammunition (and then it'll have a different match). Since I'm not in a place where ammo for the AK-74 is prevalent, it'd be useless for me.

9mm pistols aren't good against zombies (bullet may not penetrate the skull), but large magazine provides large volume of fire for dealing with potential threat of other humans, plus second one to give to a friendly human. The Colt or Mini-Uzi would be best due to the .45 ACP bullet they fire, but their sets aren't as good overall

The kukhuri is an amazing tool. With it I can process animals I hunt, cut firewood, build ****, and do many other things one could do with a large knife. Also, obviously, it is a wonderful weapon to defend myself with, with the ability to chop deep into the bone. Not as good as the sword for that, but its other uses make it the better option. Golf club is useless, baseball bat is cumbersome, and chainsaw needs maintenance.

The hand grenade isn't particularly useful, although I could use it for coercion in an enclosed space with other, not friendly, people (be a ******* terrorist!). The other options there aren't that useful either though, gasoline will be plentiful, a smoke grenade isn't going to do much, the claymore is only as good as my ability to set and detonate it (I'd need a position where it would be useful to have, and be watched). The Molotov cocktail is too easy to make (glass bottle + gasoline + motor oil or soap + ignition source)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DemigodAtom Jul 18 2013, 11:35am says:

Either D or E for me

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