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the differences
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Simple, after thinking that they kill all the Ewoks they got Cocky. Just like the Dinosaurs...

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Those highly skilled have better gear?

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_w_ Online

Well stormtrooper regiments don't fully contain highly trained cloned mandalorians just saying.

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Sanguinius Creator

During the "Clone Wars" all clones were...well clones. They were bred for combat, they were the elite. After the Clone Wars only some Storm Troopers were actually the highly trained Jango Fett Clones, the rest were normal humans.

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The cloning system took a turn for the worse when Palpatine decided not to use Kamino for all of his cloning needs.

He switched to several other facilities that while they produced more clones, lessened the quality dramatically. This is why after Order 66, nearly every single clone became utter crap at shooting, and why the likes of the rebel alliance could band together and actually be successful.

Palpatines own plan hit him hard in the long run. Never lose quality over quantity folks, that's the moral of the story.

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True, quality is nearly always better than quantity..
Moral of the story #2 : Palpatine NEEDS MOAR CLONES!!

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Yeah, because 3+ million SURE wasn't enough! :P

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It sure wasn't... the Germans had 3,6 million army at the eastern front during WWII... and it was almost completely annihilated by the soviets alone. It seems to me that a galactic empire would need A LOT more than that =)

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Garyn Dakari

It's simple: Ewoks are tougher opponents than Jedi.

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Umbra Superbia
Umbra Superbia

People underestimate the Ewoks, the Essential Guide to Warfare states that the Imperials did not think the Ewoks to be a threat.

So when they attacked with hit-and-run and their sharp weapons which were made of an alloy that can pierce the thickest of armor the Stormtroopers that pursued the teddy bears were slaughtered.

Dozens of traps also caused the death of the Stormtroopers, in the movie they may look cute but they downed Stormtroopers, bashed their helmets in until it shattered and then decapitated the poor soul inside the armor.

Also, what many people disregard is that the Stormtroopers were not part of the Imperial Army, they were like the US Marine Corps in that they assisted other combat units everywhere and they were in fact Shock Troopers and highly Elite.

In the movies our heroes could not escape Elite troopers so Lucas had to rewrite a few things and now the Stormtroopers have a bad reputation.

Read Legacy and you will once again see a mighty strong Stormtrooper.

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