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Copied from one of my past posts since I'm lazy and it applies to this:

There was never such a thing as democracy. It was always a popularity vote how else could such morons get elected? In my opinion the best political system is described in Judges where people were chosen based on their skills, wisdom, attributes, etc. not on their appearance, lies, empty promises, background, etc.

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So a technocracy.

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or survival of the fittest, depending on whether there's a contest or if everyone just agrees to choose the "best" people for the job.

Of course, that means coming up with a universal idea of "best"... in which case we can kiss humanity goodbye, we'd basically become a hive mind or revert to primates with less hair and move fashoin sense.

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Indeed. Even in theory, if the people decide, what good would it be? The majority rules there, no matter how manipulated or influenced it is.

If the majority believes in a lie, the lie becomes truth for them.

Best thing would be to elect representatives of each part of human society, no matter where they come from. And to make sure that they are all equally powerful, so no one ever is able to taste absolute power.

Not sure if that would work out well ... but I guess it would work out better than the current system ... I think.

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I've seen this comment somewhere before, Elf. I just can't think where...

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"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands....." A common misconception made even by the general populace of the USA is that the country is a democracy, when in reality, it is a Constitutional Republic. The founding principles that led this country to freedom and guided it to prosperity were conceived by people who actually believed that what they were doing was right and in the best interest of the people.

Not at all like what they have today where their leaders are self-serving and not servant minded. They seek the greatness of personality and not the determined effort of doing what is right whether in the face of adversity and trial or even in times of calm and peace.

This my friends is the difference between the Republic that America was founded as and the "Democracy" that America has become.

I can't remember right off who said it, but a wise philosopher once stated that all democracies are doomed to fail. And in keeping with that thought, I see trouble arising here in the west.....

Sorry, probably posted this in the wrong group.

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Serious comments?

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"Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance."
- H. L. Mencken

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Admiral_Nemo Creator

There were plenty of wise words spoken as comments on this image, much unlike the usual flame war that arises.

Even so, I am afraid this is indeed the wrong place for such feedback.

For the sake of not being a total ****, I'm deciding to be a little flexible with the rules leave this image up as well as the comments already posted.

One more serious comment though, of any kind, and I WILL delete the image and as a result the comments as well.

I know ModDB has a great community of critical thinkers and there are many groups on ModDB dedicated to just that. So many in fact that as I was thinking of posting a few links, I gave up because there were to many I deemed worthy.

My final words on the matter are: It's a great community we have here but the HSP group isn't the only group on the site. Relevance is key here.

To serious for you? Here is a joke:

A nurse reaches into her pocket and takes out a rectal thermometer. She said: "Oh blast, some arsehole has got me pen."

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Wrong place? I don't think so. Not the place matters, but how many can hear your words.

And I guess there are quite a few people to hear your words.
And they *might* spread it.

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MattmanDude Online

Here's a link for anyone that wants to discuss this or other stuff further. (Semi-serious post I know, but just trying to do my part to help out).



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Kalga Creator

Well, since I can't think of any witty comment, just hand me a few beers & let me drown my sorrows...

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Admiral_Nemo Creator
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I mean really, it hardly is a democracy here in the USA any more.

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