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Looking for people interested in play testing current HWU material that i have on hand, in order to find what is still affecting it and needs to be fixed.

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I ended up taking down my HWU V 1.0.0 for nothing because i came across a problem with the AI, they stopped building and researching andi thought the upload i had was affected, but it turned out that it was my own build and research folder in my hw 2 data folder. Or should i get more to the point it was my attempt at removing the Taiidan battlecruiser and its research tree that caused the problem so i had to add it back to build list and research tree. Anyways ive fixed most of what 23 down reported to me and have the fixes on hand and i am compiling as im typing this, now this one has the complete UNH fleet, thou i do have some stand in ships cause the other ships for UNH wasnt textured. Anyways if anyone would like to play test this version plz let me know. Also when the official release comes out it will be using the same version number V 1.0.0, so you wont have to edit your icon when the official release comes out after you used this version. Also for those that wanted more MP maps well your wish is increased by 250 maps! I managed to get mikali's mappack to work with his coding, had to edit all of them so the win condition would work. Anyways full credit to Mikali aka username for his maps and his coding.


Ram Fleet
Repair Corvette, support frigate and DFF added to build list.
Controller replaced.
Destroyer size increased by 22 percent, dont know if it matters or not cause i believe i remember it being small regardless.
Parade formations added for Ram team
Raider carrier ru dock path distance increased.

Taiidan and beast
Tdn carrier, Tdn research station and bst tdn carrier now can build sensor subs.
Taiidan Minelayer Added.
Salvage corvette now has engine trails
Kushan Mine Layer now deploys 2 mines at a time
Bombers renamed
i did the same with the kushan and unh carriers like i did to the ram and prt carrier ru paths. Increased distance for the first 2 keyframes.

Minelayers in general
HP doubled

Processor given engine burn

Team completed for now.
HW 1 Assualt frigates
I got rid of the flak guns and gave them their bullets, 100 damage per hit range 3.5km, but it uses the Vagyr AF rate of fire may need to cut down on that.

battlecruiser plasma launcher damage increased to 1k per hit.
Ignore the damage value displayed its balanced even with the weapon damage upgrades
With regards to 23 why the dread got so damaged easily by his ion frigs is because its armor type is mover. Same with prog dreadnaught.

Changes to Ion frigate ion beam damage

All ion beam frigate have had their damage increased by 1000 hp damage, ignore the rating for attack power in game it is meaningless.

I probably have more to post but this should be enough, anyways once shadowgaz gets the drones up and done ill have them in.
Problem with the taiidan AI was more severe than i first thought but with help from my v1.0 here on moddb i was able to get the taiidan stable, havent seen any crashes from them or the other AI thus far. Also all changes i made havent been lost, in fact i just got around to readding in the UNH and giving ships that are missing engine burns what they need.
HW@ drone script is now on my end and im in the middle of editing stuff, if anyone would like to try out the drones and help me figure out decent balance with them let me know plz and ill send you a HWU file.


ME :D ( just not right now )

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Sure. Just PM me the download and I'll tell you how stupid the drones are JK LOL. I'll probably like the way they'll behave more than they did in homeworld 1. (stupid mission 12, I told you to fire on the interceptors, stop shooting on the support frigate you idiots!)

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LeviathansWrath Author

something to remember about these drones you cant select but what they will attack is based on what you tell the frigate that commands them to attack and they will focus on that target etc.

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In HW1, telling the frigate to attack something would just make it move there, not changing what the drones were targeting at all.

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I'm up for it. PM me.

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