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Nov 29 2010 Anchor

post the mod and what your problem/question is and someone will try and help you

How to install a mod for star wars empire at war FOC for windows PC first click on the start button second go to computer click on the local disc (hard drive) go to program files go to Lucas arts then go to ( star wars empire at war forces of corruption ) after clicking on that make a file and name it mods. After that take your mod and put it In the mod file you created find the created mod icon that may have come with the mod drag that to your desk top right click on a vacant part of the screen and select refresh then click on the mod icon and it should start. If not you will have to click the start button again go to computer then leave it open then click the mod icon to run the program

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Feb 22 2011 Anchor

Wat happens if it doesn't have an icon

Feb 22 2011 Anchor

then you have to create one and add your own path which is pretty easy

Feb 24 2011 Anchor

Aight I did that and wen it opens to the menu it doesn't work and I've tried saving the mod and game into program fil instead of program files x86 and it doesn't let me so wen u say program files u mean x86 one or the other one.

Feb 24 2011 Anchor

mod help
it should look something like this look at the path

i am not sure if it is the same with 64 and 32 bit i am running 32 bit so it maybe different for you i am not sure

Apr 28 2011 Anchor

@Shadowdude: x64 systems need to add the (x86) to the end.

Also, x64 systems have to get a RAM patch and create a compatible graphicdetails.xml (detailed here: Petroglyphgames.com)

If you have an x64 system, you have to use the Program Files (x86) location

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