This Mandalorians group is dedicated to the Star Wars Roleplay of Mod DB, the reason for its existence is to prevent clutter with its parent Mandalorian group. Application for this group counts as an application for the Star Wars Roleplay, roleplaying is not required however.

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The Hegemony Fractured
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What's up Milos? Did you really just dismantle the Hegemony? xD

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Ori`verda Author


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For a final time the delegations of various member worlds met at Keldabe, in a makeshift council building. Mand'alor abstained politely from the meeting knowing full and well what was to come. Despite protect from his replacement nearly all the member worlds requested immediate secession which had been unheard of prior to the strike by the now defunct Ranger Order. Claims of the ineptitude of the Mandalorian overlords were called forth as evident due to the lack of security during the rogue strike.

Only the Verpine of Roche choose to remain because of their long-existing strong ties to the Mandalorians. It was agreed however that the Mandalorians be allowed to maintain their bases on Dxun, in the Onderon sector, and Galidraan, in the Rhen Var sector.

Furthermore the division of the military has been completed. Although there are many whom object the Mandalorians were allowed to keep the Akaan Galaar and Mythosaur Star Dreadnoughts along with the majority of Taung, Gauntlet and Tracyn warships which form the new Parjai Battlegroup. The 72nd, 105th and 174th Legions have been recalled to Mandalore without its Auxilia complements. The old Mav Battlegroup was split among Onderon, Bonadan and Telos. The Shadow was given to Bonadan.

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