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Rise of Nationalism
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Ori`verda Author

Essentially the members of the Hegemony want greater autonomy and so several radical movements have sprung up demanding increased power or secession. Whilst none have actually seceded yet it has been allowed that they have more of their own soldiers in the military.

Most of the crew of the fleet are now manned by non-Mandalorians but the stronger the ship the more Mandalorians on ratio to the non-Mandalorian crew.

Furthermore the traditional 72nd, 105th and 174th Legion have been spared non-Mandalorians entering the ranks and the Vencuyanir being the most modern Battlegroup with the flagship of the Hegemony has the most Mandalorians overall. At the cost of the historically important Mav Battlegroup being manned by more non-Mandalorians.

This seems eerily similar to something... Oh... Yugoslavia.

In other news; there are going to be some new Mandalorian companies and they are spreading the love by buying out some other corporations. Stay tuned!

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---Incoming Transmission---
To: The Hegemony
From: Battle-Net
Subject: Inspirational Themes
Classification: Public Address
Encryption: None
-Initiate Message-

As a direct result of the attempted morale boost and the formation of new Auxilia units there has been a steep rise of nationalistic movements across the Hegemony. Fracturing the unity. Although not directly as aggressive as many terrorist organizations the majority of the movements are radical. Many desire nothing more than an increased role in the Hegemony, ranging from an increase in power in the political arena to more control over the united military. Some smaller movements vote for secession from the Hegemony and compensation for their contribution as well as recognition as a great sovereign government in its own right.

Finally several extremist and historically based organizations have loomed up and started to arm themselves. Whilst they have undertaken no actions directly against the Hegemony their intention to remove foreign assets from their homeworld is made clear by their support of various existing terrorist organizations.

The Cha'saad are investigating to see if there are ties but are hard pressed between keeping the original threat suppressed as well as potential newer threats as more and more people both join all the aforementioned parties or switch allegiances to something they believe in more devoutly. On occurrence a former first wave insurrectionist turns himself in.

Increased expenditure is allocated the Cha'saad as well as the military however the majority the percentage of in-military division is staggering as the Mandalorians control 1/5th the assembled forces. The largest number of Auxilia is spread out across the weaker warships in the Mav and Parjai Battlegroups whilst the Mandalorians control the heavier ships and the sheer majority of the Vencuyanir Battlegroup. The ground forces consists entirely out of Mandalorians for the 72nd, 105th and 174th Legions.

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