Oracles and seers, mystics and sages. All prophesize that now is a time of heroes, of villains and of legends. Will your story be remembered?

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Battle of Umbar (view original)

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*Morning, mist had settled down over the eastern lands, the oceans were uneasy and concealed by it. In the Haven of Umbar the Corsairs rested and recovered from their nights of pirate debauchery, their Black Fleet docked and the slaves still aboard or spread out through the city.*

*The city guard was likely lax because of this, yet few anticipated to see large rocks flying towards them. Boulders pierced the mist, revealing a force of Rangers that had gathered to lay siege to Umbar. Arrows followed and hit the guard.*

OOC: In short, its morning and you are hungover, mist everywhere as is typical in the morning and Rangers and Trebuchets are attacking Umbar.
Good luck fighting when you have these handicaps and the people over Umbar are not generally known to be quite the brilliant fighters like those of Gondor.

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