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Poll: DLC? Yes or no (22 votes)
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Dec 7 2013 Anchor

I will voice my opinion once I get the communities opinion on this. I want to see who I agree with first.

Dec 7 2013 Anchor

Aaand looks like we have an undisputed winner In here!

Or do we?

ComradeWinston Arch Duke Overloard of Atheisms
Dec 7 2013 Anchor

DLC is essentially a very tiny expansion pack that can be as small as a single weapon to something as big as half an expansion pack, which in itself can be a nice option to grab if you really like a certain game. The real problem with it is that large callus companies that just so happen to be in the gaming industry exploit the living hell out of this.

It really blatantly started with Dead Space 3 where several armors, pre-built weapons & skins, and resource buffs are paid DLC. They even made the actual ending where you escape the planet you were stuck on a DLC. That kind of business practice is the central reason these things are a plague rather than a nice bit of relatively cheap content every now & then.

Then there are the instances when DLC is already on the damned install disk, just sitting there untouchable because some corporate asshole put a paywall up in front of it. Even though by any reasonable means of logic you should damn well own and be able to use every last byte on that disk you probably spent $60 to buy in the first place. Given the size of the Mass Effect group I'm sure the better part of you know about EA doing that with the Prothean DLC, the one long gone ancient race that they only constantly referenced in the previous games of all things. They knew people would pay for that shit, they knew they'd be able to pull a few more bucks and squeeze a little more money out of their fanbase just so they could meet and fight beside a Prothean.

It's entities like EA that ruin a large portion of the gaming industry by consistently and practically leading the charge on this type of bullshit.


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Dec 7 2013 Anchor

ComradeWinston wrote: The real problem with it is that large callus companies that just so happen to be in the gaming industry exploit the living hell out of this.

Yup thats really where its decided whether the DLC is awful or glorious. The word "EA" alone sums up how messed up a dlc can be followed by Capcom.I'd love the idea of having less games released but the ones we do have enriched by steady supply of DLC. Borderlands 2 has somewhat done that but only because they stole the money from A:CM.

DLC atm is very hostile towards the user in most cases. The absolute worst I've seen is the Ass Effect 3 way that seems to be in BF4 and Ryse as well. You pay money to receive a box with random items included, the more you pay the more rare it will be. Absolutely despicable and ofc I never had a functional class after many hours of playing because the attachments and perks and weapons were all for something else. Weapon A with attachment B for Class C instead of A A A. The class you got for owning BF3 was ridiculously OP but it didn't matter I guess because it had no PvP.

Try it out equip only a pistol and go for that ability that lets you shoot an energy ball. Blood Thirsty or so its called. You can endlessly spam it using only that for the killing. A homing splash damage high rate of fire energy shot. My score was always way above everyone else when using it and admittedly I enjoyed being better than everyone although knowing it was abuse of an OP setting.

China Rising is the biggest rip off. When you pre order BF4 you get it for free right? But the people who would pre order BF4 are also the ones who'd buy the DLC and premium. Premium contains CR. So you get it twice but you can't use it twice neither give it away. That makes the entire pre ordering of BF4 useless apart from those shitty dog tags. More so you can buy shortcuts for 10$ to unlock all the stuff you have to level up for. I bet they all when pre ordering were expecting levolution to happen in the dlc maps.

Add to this that CR has NO LEVOLUTION 2D tree sprites and crappier graphics overall together with new map related bugs and errors like getting stuck and invisible walls. On the dirt bike the speed indicator (english word?) doesn't work its a static image whereas in BF3 it worked. The next DLC Second Assault are recycled BF3 maps with no big levolution included as well. Even funnier is it that players don't seem to like the big events and prefer the small and subtle ones but you will never hear a BF player coming over to cod saying he likes their way of levolution more but when its about glorifying the epical badassery of major levolution they're the first ones to go and hate.

That these games all have a very short live span, heck even BF3 is about to die off after how many years? Glorified as the best shooter ever now especially the dlc maps are dead. Other games such as Counterstrike still go strong and they're going a nice way with their dlc.

nuts I tell ya. nuts.
So yea if done well DLC can be one of the best things about a game. I wonder if the steam workshop and mods could count as DLC it is afterall spelled additional downloadable content.

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Galacticruler Lord of efficiency.
Dec 8 2013 Anchor

OrangeNero wrote:
So yea if done well DLC can be one of the best things about a game. I wonder if the steam workshop and mods could count as DLC it is after all spelled additional downloadable content.

Technically yes and no.
Most actual DLC is expensive, or at least costs some money. Whereas the steam workshop and external mods are free, and usually indie.

My view on it is this:
DLC shouldn't harm the player unless they pay $810.99 in extras. DLC should add new content(not be on the disk EVER) and keep it player friendly; if they don't want it, they don't have to have it.


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