Alienware Prize SponsorOne of the hottest shooters of the year is also the most editable. Far Cry 2's Dunia engine powers the incredible visuals behind this game - from dense African jungles to the dynamic fire propagation. Best of all, the game's WYSIWYG level editor puts all of this power at your fingertips. You can design your own African-themed adventure in just a few hours. But it takes more than a little gumption to create a multiplayer level that's worth playing. ModDB presents the Far Cry 2 level editor contest; create your own multiplayer level for Far Cry 2 & you could win great prizes thanks to Alienware

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In the next month, we have 3 of the greatest gaming PCs on the planet to give away thanks to Alienware and Ubisoft. In fact you barely have to lift a finger to win them (and other prizes). How? Well we think the Far Cry 2 map editor is so easy even our grandma could make something decent and be on safari in Africa in no time. Don't believe us? Sure Dave is no grandma, but with no prior experience he managed to make a map in 1 hour and film the process, see video below.

So if you put Far Cry 2, a great level editor and quite possibly the best chance you'll ever have at winning 1 of 3 Alienware rigs, I think you'll agree this is shaping up to be one great contest. All you need to get involved (anyone can whether you are a level designer or not), is to grab a copy of Far Cry 2 for the PC. Then the challenge is simple, you have one month (until the counter below hits zero) to create an awesome map for Far Cry 2 in one of the following categories: "What the..!? Award", "Nostalgia Award" and "Real World Landmarks Award".

COUNTDOWN TO 12 Jan 2009 23:59:59 -0500

Not only that but your entry will be played by the Ubisoft Far Cry 2 team, ModDB and tons of gamers - so show off your skills, get noticed, have fun and PLEASE read on for full details about our Far Cry 2 Level Design Competition!

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Nov 22, 2008
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