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(I did not record this)
(I wont upload the other endings for Silent Hill 1 but if any of you want to u can)

Location: After the Child's Room in Nowhere.

Attack Method: With two main attack methods, this Demon can finish you off quickly if you don't keep an eye on your life gauge. It'll either fire at you with a strong energy blast or shoot several lightening strikes your way.

Weakness: The attack methods are predictable, and the Demon stays routed to the same spot, which makes it easier for you to avoid its blasts.

Best Tactics: Don't even try to use a melee weapon. Equip the strongest firearm you have and chose one of the following three options:

Technique One:
As soon as the battle begins, fire off as many Rifle rounds at the Winged Demon as you can before it starts warming up with its electrical blast. Then start running around in a big circle, remembering to keep moving and avoiding any of its strikes. As soon as it lets off a blast, stop, fire once or twice, then get running again.

Technique Two:
Only try this if your ammo and health supplies are good. If you have lots of health, try the technique you used to dispense of the Moth. Use your Rifle or Shotgun and fire at close-range, remembering to knock back a health drink after each hit from the Demon.

Technique Three:
This is the non-violent solution to the battle
Before you go through the door in the Child's Room in Nowhere, get out your firearms and use up all your firearm ammunition.
Enter the arena, and the battle will commence as usual. Select your Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle and fire once using each gun to show that you're out of ammo. Then just keep running. If you avoid two consecutive hits from the Boss, the Winged Demon will collapse to the floor and the battle is over.

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