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The Article lists and explains the EU's military forces

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Exterior Union Army and Navy

Though the Exterior Union may be far away from the troubles of the main Galaxy. Pirates and other factions wishing to take the bountiful resources and planets in the Companion Galaxies for themselves have become a major problem, and fear that another power may try to take away their independence is always present. Separatists from the New Galactic Empire were reformed into the main forces. Droids make up the bulk of the army, clones handle elite and specialist roles. Mercenaries and local colonists are chosen for garrison duty and posting at outposts in more secure regions of space.


The hard working bread and butter of any army! The Exterior Union's infantry are some of the finest in the galaxy, well trained with decent equipment they can hold their own against any opponent and raise a victorious banner in war. Clones who make up the bulk of the infantry take the various dangerous jobs that keep the Union secure from threat and therefore they are rightfully called the Union's Pride.


Aside from the professional soldiers the Exterior Union employs, Droids form the quantitative backbone of the EUM. Being cheaper and quicker to field then organic soldiers, they are used for battles where it would be suicide to send in valuable biological beings. The Exterior Union also uses scavenger Droids in the aftermath of battles to collect spare parts of destroyed Droids and vehicles to melt down and recycle into new droids or anything else that would be useful.


All modern conventional forces have mechanized cavalry units to backup infantry in ground operations, the Exterior Union is no different. Its own vehicles exist out of tracked, repulsorlift and walker units capable of both support as well as direct combat roles.


"From the earliest atomic rockets with primitive laser armaments, to Expansion Era cruisers such as the Gilagimar, to the Republic's battle vessels, to the amazing Super Star Destroyers of the Empire, ships have traded fire in the depths of space."


"First of all, the term 'space transport' refers to any vessel that's bigger than a starfighter and smaller than a capital ship - of course, those boundaries aren't set in durasteel. But for the most part, space transports are defined by their function - moving people or cargo from one location to another. That could be across a space dock or across the galaxy, it all depends on the ship's capabilities and their pilot's intentions."
―Sergeant Riij Brinwell



I was expecting something... Different.
Not really a fan of the Clone Wars ships if they are outside their era, but I suppose everyone has their own preferences.

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Ρrʌжis Author

How did you get in here?

Never mind, I'm nowhere near finished yet. So we'll see.

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Hehe, its a Mandalorian secret. Our spies are everywhere!

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