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Ares Heavy Assualt Droid
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Ares Assault Droid

Built as a counterpart for the Blitz, the Ares is more equipped for long, drawn out firefights, particularly in closed areas where the Blitz's jump-jets serve little purpose. Its weapons are designed to be effective against both infantry and ground vehicles, modifications were made to the main weapons to allow for varying types of heavy ammunition, such as incendiary, explosive, and armor-piercing rounds, to be used. Its armaments include two wrist-mounted heavy repeaters and two shoulder-mounted Mass Driver cannons. They utilize solid projectiles, which makes it a necessity to keep a good ammunition storage. For this reason, the Ares is typically used for base sieges. In conjunction with the Valkyrie, it can be devastating; the Valkyrie is able to flush out hostiles en masse, and the Ares is able to gun them down with a frightening level of efficiency, thanks again to advanced targeting software designed specifically to accommodate the Ares' heavy repeaters.

In addition to its heavy armament, the Ares has very thick and heavy plating, along with a heavy shield. This allows it to take many hits from heavy weaponry before sustaining significant damage. The only disadvantage this leads to is the obvious speed decrease, which prompts the support of infantry and other droids.

-2 Heavy Repeaters. Rounds can be exchanged based on situation.
-2 Mass Accelerator Cannons. (Armor Piercing Rounds)

-Heavy shield
-Heavy durasteel plating

-Advanced targeting software

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