Founded by those who oppose the status quot, and defy the oppressive regime of the Empire. The Syndicate is a conglomeration of various organizations who have taken matters into their own hands, no longer willing to rely on the Jedi Order or the Federation to protect the galaxy from the likes of the Sith or Imperials. WIP

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Vulture MkII Droid Starfighter
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The Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid Mk II, or Vulture II, is a droid starfighter that is utilized by the Exterior Union for security and combat related purposes. Like their predecessor, the Vulture II's are a sleek, insectoid-like droid with a compact body and multiple weapon emplacements. The Vulture II is slightly larger with heavier armament, but still retains the speed and agility of the Mk I. Its intelligence has been improved by a reasonable margin, making it competitive against organic pilots. Its slightly more expensive, but not by a significant enough margin that it can't still be produced in great numbers. Since it was intended to supplement other fighters and bombers piloted by organics, the improved intelligence and programming was necessary to help them coordinate well alongside both droids and organic pilots.


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