Founded by those who oppose the status quot, and defy the oppressive regime of the Empire. The Syndicate is a conglomeration of various organizations who have taken matters into their own hands, no longer willing to rely on the Jedi Order or the Federation to protect the galaxy from the likes of the Sith or Imperials. WIP

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CT-60 "Sudden" Dropship
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Sleek and extremely fast, it is unarmed, lightly armoured, and equipped with respectable shielding. The ship is capable of carrying a full squad of infantry and enough weapons to arm ten extra infantry squads in full battle readiness and rapidly deploying them.

The CT-60 is the fastest among the CT-series transport/gunships, and thanks to its souped-up propulsion and repulsorlift systems; the fastest transport to date. Dubbed the 'Sudden' Dropship, the uses a combination of stealth and incredible speed for quick insertions of troopers behind enemy lines before anti-air or interceptors can react to its presence.

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