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We are making the multiplayer mode and we need to know more units you think could be in the multiplanes bonus

Posted by Gabriel-BoW3 on Jul 29th, 2011

hi, we are making the bonus units for multiplayer with the Brothers of War 3 mod and we would like to hear you what ideas you have for new bonus units.
We already got the next ones.


Blitzkrieg: pz4 G y Pz4 H + infantry
Karl Thor
Blue division
Italian forces: Carro armato, autoblinda, l6/40 + italian infantry

(Kv-2 goes to standard unit)

Polish soldiers
Lend Leased: Sherman, Stuart & Valentine


Marines + 2 lvts(1 water buffalo + the 75 cannon one)
442.º infantry regiment


French resistance
Canadian Squad + canadian sherman


japanese war machine: 2 chito + infantry

Give us more ideas to see if is possible to make new bonus units!!

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FamousSpear Jul 29 2011, 11:49pm says:

British SAS Variant willys Jeep
2x2 Vikers K machineguns 2 front facing 2 rear facing position (Total 4 VK)
Central Stand mounted .50 cal Browning M2


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3rdguards Jul 30 2011, 12:20am says:

Soviet might; T-34/85 with a squad of inf.
or possibly two T-34/85s with squad of heavy inf (2 rifles, 3 smgs, and 1 MG gunner)

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asureka Jul 30 2011, 3:16am says:

Germany: Panther Ace.(I can tell about this idea more in PM.
Captured tank (2T26's or 2T34's.
Japan: Zero wave (fighter).
Squad of soldiers with bush camo uniform armed full of good equipment and MG's.
USA:2nd French Armored Division.
UK:SAS jeep
"Katyiusha's" group (nasty artilery).
Lend Lease + Churchill and M3 Lee .

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Evans555 Jul 30 2011, 5:06am says:

German: Schwimmwagen with Radio Operator Oficer and MG (That means rifleman), Maus prototype tank, Grille.
Japan:Erm... Have no ideas
USA: Squad from 1th Inf divison (Or Rangers) Three Rifleman (One with radio), Two SMG, Medic and Squadleader(Or without medic) Also captured Panther and PzkpfIV.
UK:No ideas
USSR: Possible Lend Lease tanks and maybe an ace T-34/85 tank?

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Attila1945 Jul 30 2011, 7:28am says:

Germany: Elite SS Kampfgruppe, Elite Jagdtiger, Hitler Jugend units (18 yers old), winter specialist squads from eastern front, captured tanks, T34, Kv1, M4a1s,

Heroes: 1st SS army pioneers, these unit are close combat specialists, elite SS stormtrupers,

Russia: NKVD units, anti-tank rush teams with lot of rpg grenades and Molotov cocktails, captured tanks, Pz4 family, (E, F2, G),

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TheSoldier Jul 30 2011, 9:35am says:

Granatwerfer 42 for a German Hero Unit! It's a 120mm mortar that can be towed, so it spawns with a kubelwagon towing it.
The Sherman "Tulip" for the Brits! Basicly a Sherman Firefly that has two rockets mounted on eiteher side of it's turret. Reloads as fast as the japanese rocket.
US 1st Mountain division for the Americans! All armed with M1 Carbines and M3 Grease Guns, two men also carrl bazooka in case of armor. Same HP, if not more, as the rangers. Spawns either with or without a Dodge jeep.
Lemme come up with more ideas. xD

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TheSoldier Jul 30 2011, 10:00am replied:

Ideas! For the Americans, another hero unit might be the 3rd Armored Division. Two Sherman Tanks spawn, one armed with a 75mm cannon and another with the 76mm cannon (you know, the Sherman M4A3(76)H or something). Also, 3rd armored division infantry spawn as well, one squad spawns in a halftrack and another on foot. Infantry is armed with M1/M2 Carbines, M1 Garands, and BARs. The SAS hero unit for the Brits could also spawn in a Glider, if at all possible. Oh, and having a special Anti-air ammo for the 93mm and 88mm cannons. They are essencially HE rounds but explobe on impact OR if they are within a certain distance to an airplane that's flying.

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TheSoldier Jul 31 2011, 9:25am replied:

Eh, fine. Lemme shorten it:
1st Mountain Division
3rd Armored Division
Sherman "Tulip"
SAS Hero unit Spawns in Glider
SAS-modified Willys Jeep
Granatwerfer 42 120mm

All Nations:
A special anti-air round that exploded when it is within a certain distance from a target. Is only available to the 93mm Vickers, the Flak 18, and the Japanese 75mm AA gun.

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Giuseppe Aug 2 2011, 8:45pm says:

a real tiger tank -_-
i dont like the tiger tank from the game. To fake penetration from the 88mm
cannonn ,to fake armor (no sherman cut breack it like in the game) ,to fake shooting rage (200m WTF there rage was 1KM)

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TheSoldier Aug 2 2011, 8:53pm says:

^MoW was made like that so you couldn't tank-snipe with the Tiger. They're relativly easy to get in MP, so it'd be too hard for the allies to counter quickly without losing a few squads of soldeirs or a tank. Anyway, move the IS-3 for the Russians from the Heavy Tanks to Hero Unit. Oh, and throw away EVERY SINGLE DAMN HALFTRACK HERO UNIT. I see no advantage to getting a halftrack full of paratroopers compared to just buying a regular halftrack, kicking the crew, and filling it up with regular paratroopers. The halftrack paratroopers for the US can be replaced with the 1st MT. Division and the halftrack paratroopers can be replaced with a glider for the Brits, and same goes for the germans. Still thinking about the russians and japs, maybe let them spawn in a heavy tank?

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kratos97 Aug 15 2011, 4:16am says:

usa: nuclear bomber end 101 airborn

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yohshua Aug 31 2011, 10:55am says:

bow3 makers are doing a good job.

increase the time limit to items like 10 hours just to do not be surprised.

would be good but as spitfire airplanes, some of the best.

add back the fog of war simple.

more height on the maps to fly the aircraft easily.

thank you very much the other ideas are very interesting.

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Hunter031501 Jan 7 2012, 2:34am says: +1 vote     reply to comment
kingtiger615 Jan 30 2012, 5:33am says:

USA:T95 Tank destroyer


Deutschland:Maus tank;STUG e100;e 100 gustav Zuggeschütz

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Qkixhan Apr 23 2012, 11:00am says:

ok..?? where i can download it?? can anyone help me?

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Col.Beavis Oct 20 2013, 2:26am replied:

It is not done yet...

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razor1470 Aug 14 2012, 7:55am says:

usa tanks: Worldoftanks.com

germany tanks: Worldoftanks.com

russia tanks: Worldoftanks.com

i will buy this mod with these tanks :D

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Col.Beavis Oct 20 2013, 2:25am says:

Y'all should add in new nations in BoW3...

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