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The Make Something Unreal contest is a big thing and so it's only natural that a few mistakes should come up during any of the stages. There was a few errors with moving files around via FTP for the final judging of Phase 3 of the Million Dollar contest, here is the official word.

Steve_Polge wrote:After we announced the results for Phase 3 of the Intel $1000000 Make Something Unreal Contest, we discovered to our dismay that a small number of entries had not been judged because of some problems which occurred while moving entries between FTP sites.

We've gone back and judged all the entries which were missed, and have the following additional awards and mentions to announce. These are additional to the existing awards, and do not affect already awarded prizes.

  • Archasis II: Finalist and Fourth place best Non-FPS mod (tie with current fourth place)
  • DM-CBP3-Cydian: Honorable Mention for Best CTF or DM map.
  • WAR-Iridi: Finalist in the Best Warfare or VCTF Category.
  • WAR-RockPaperScissors: Finalist in the Best Warfare or VCTF Category.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Winners here.

Leave the Indie way!

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Back in April a programmer known as Farbs left his job from 2K Boston Australia using the medium of a video games. Personally I felt it was the best possible way to hand in your badge being from field that he worked in. Following in Farbs footsteps is William David who is a developer over at Ubisoft. Will has also left his position in search of a Independent career, and like Farbs he has his send off marked with a small flash game.

This was a much nicer send-off then the previous one, with the heavy use of music and simple sprites. I can only look forward too what he will create next without the restraints of a big publisher like Ubisoft on his back. Good luck Will!

The winners for the Make Something Unreal Contest have been announced over on the official MSUC website. Having played just about all the mods that where mentioned I can honestly say they really do deserve the winners seat with mods like The Ball, The Haunted, Prometheus and Sanctum both being regarded highly by the staff here on ModDB and by the players as well. Here is the list of winning mods for the Phase 3 of the comp.

Category: Best FPS Mod

1st Place - The Ball: Teotl
2nd Place - Prometheus
3rd Place - Angels Fall First: PlanetStorm
4th Place - Sanctum Alpha
5th Place - Crucible Weapons Pack

Category: Best Non FPS Mod

1st Place - The Haunted
2nd Place - UT2D Killing Time Maps
3rd Place - Steam Racers
4th Place - Coda Mod
5th Place - RoboFonics

Category: Best Level For A Mod

1st Place - The Haunted: Forsaken Canyon
2nd Place - The Ball Teotl: Oztoc
3rd Place - Prometheus: Breach
4th Place - CDOM-CBP3-Enslaved
5th Place - The Haunted: The Stronghold

Category: Best Machinima

1st Place - The Box
2nd Place - DoubleKill
3rd Place - The Library
4th Place - Community Bonus Pack Vol.3 Trailer
5th Place - Apocalypsis Ex Machina Trailer

Category: Best Weapon Set Mod

1st Place - The Haunted
2nd Place - Crucible Weapons Pack
3rd Place - Ballistic Weapons
4th Place - Angels Fall First: PlanetStorm
5th Place - Unreasonable Tournament

Category: Best New Character Customization Pack

1st Place - Savior Character Pack
2nd Place - Polar and Dumon Soldier
3rd Place - Skaarj Model
4th Place - Rankin Character
5th Place - GoB-Ba

Category: Best CTF & DM Map

1st Place - DM-Foundry
2nd Place - CTF-Stratus
3rd Place - DM-CBP3-Incapacitate
4th Place - DM-Chronomancer
5th Place - CTF-Austere

Category: Best vCTF & WAR Map

1st Place - VCTF-CBP3-Refuge
2nd Place - VCTF-CBP3-Artemisa
3rd Place - WAR-Araja][
4th Place - VCTF-Octopus
5th Place - VCTF-RocketForst

Category: Best Use of Physics

1st Place - TickyTicker
2nd Place - Project: Swing
3rd Place - Light Toys
4th Place - Steam Racers
5th Place - The Ball: Teotl

Category: Best Graphics in Map

1st Place - The Haunted: Forsaken Canyon
2nd Place - VCTF-CBP3-Refuge
3rd Place - The Ball Teotl: Oztoc
4th Place - VCTF-RocketForst
5th Place - PlanetStorm: Meudeverre

Congratulations to all the winners of the Phase 3 part of the MSU contest, you guys certainly have raised the bar for Phase 4! Good luck if you are entering again! Oh and make sure you check out all the finalists and honorable mentions from Phase 3 as well!


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I really do love me some Diablo 2, so much so 2-3 times a year I'll do a massive co-op runs with my mates, and have done so ever since its release. The problem is the game is old, and my pc is well... new. Because of our humanly ways to keep making advancements in the field of computing its getting quite difficult to come back to a game who's highest resolution is 800x600. As that size be tiny yo.

Thanks to the talented skills of a modder who goes by the name Sluggy you can now play Diablo 2 in any resolution that your pc can support! This is great news as no longer will my mouse slip out of the small window and open flash, no longer will my spells refuse to cast as I accidentally click my desktop instead! Finally. It comes at a cost though as you will not be able to participate in any multiplayer stuff which is a shame I guess but in my opinion Diablo 2 is much better with close friends at a lan hyped up on coke (the drink you fools).

Diablo 2 showing off its stuff in 1280x1024.

Mod_Author wrote:This unofficial "patch" allows you to play Diablo II in resolutions other than 640x480 and 800x600. It is, for the most part, completed, but there are still a few issues that have not been worked out. The "patch" lets you select any resolution 640x480 or higher that is supported by your current display adapter/monitor. There are no other changes to the game other than this.

Anyways you can download the mod from your favourite modding website ever, in the mean time enjoy the awesomeness that is these fantastic screens.

I love Mount and Blade and so do the staff of ModDB, we love it so much it took away the Editors Choice award for Best Indie at last years MOTY's. So here is a shameless plug for our friends over at Taleworlds, all about their upcoming expansion called Warband which if you have been living under a rock and know nothing about is a multiplayer expansion for the highly acclaimed Indie game. Anyway here is a qoute from the M&B forums.

Taleworlds wrote:Hello everyone,

We are getting closer to starting M&B Warband multiplayer beta tests and this is an invitation to all our community to apply as beta testers and join in the fun. All you need to do is fill out the application form at:

Since server capacity will be limited, we'll be able to accept a limited number of applicants to the beta tests. Our choice criteria will be as follows:

  • Applicants who enter a valid serial key are much more likely to be selected than those who do not.
  • As we open new test servers, we'll invite new beta testers whose locations are close to that server's location. For example, if we open a server in Germany, we'll invite testers who live in Europe.
  • Other than that, selection will be random.

Thank you in advance to all those who will apply. Looking forward to duke it out with you guys on the beta servers...

Exciting stuff is it not? I'm super keen for something like this as the original game had me hooked for hours on end, bring on the multiplayer carnage!

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