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Since the release of UDK the modding community has taken a shine to the brand new engine release with a very large number of mods (especially the mods that are apart of the MSUC) porting over to the independent version of the engine, and EPIC sure have seen this trend. Since the release of Titan Pack, the biggest of all free addons, its a better time than ever to mod. The gents over at the Unreal Developer Network have complied a list of 160 video tutorials created by Jeremy Ernst who is a Technical Animator over at Epic Games and a compilation of 3D Buzz tutorials that will help you flesh out the core activities that you will need to know in order to create your dream FPS/RTS/MMO/RPG/DATING SIM etc.

You can find all the downloads and additional information over at the official UDN page which you can find here. Hopefully this will help everyone who still has the ambition but does not have the knowledge to build their ideal game.

The guys over at Facepunch have a brand new comp for all the modders out there which simply put uses the popular Fretta framework that a whole lot of Garry's Mod modders use to help bring their game modes to life. With a whole stack of cash on offer and the opportunity to have your game mod release along side of the official GMOD updates, what prize could be better?

Fretta Fretta

You can find all the information you need over at the official page on the Facepunch site which you can find here, since all you need is the latest version of Garry's Mod and just a little bit of creativity (seriously if you own Garry's Mod you at least have to have some that goes without saying). So no excuses get modding!

DeLorean in Crysis

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Now I'm a guy who has seen a whole lot of mods, and every once in a blue moon a mod will come along and fly kick me in the teeth. I can honestly say the mod I am about to show you has fly kicked me in the teeth, and it feels good man.

I know what your thinking, big deal right people have made that model in games since the dawn of time, yes that might be true but do those other models allow you to bend the fabric of time and space and get friendly with the giggawatts?

Don't worry ModDB has you covered you can grab the download here and get in game! Sure it might only be a model with some awesome extras right now, but I am almost certain that a modder will be able to make something special with this!

Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires and other monster boggiewoggies. Halloween is a great time to get into the scarier movies and games to give yourself a good fright. Last year on ModDB I created a video for the top ten voted spooky mods by our community, it had some interesting results to say the least with the popular but not always scary mods took the cherry. This year we will do something a little different, I have compiled a list of singleplayer mods (because we all know being alone in the dark really sets the mood) for different engines that you should check out if you want to get your spook on.

Mistake -1 (Half-Life)

Mistake -1 is the prequel to 'Mistake' and tells the story of Steve Rick, a patient from the Andrew Parker asylum, who harbors a dark secret. A very spooky mod that uses the Goldsource engine very well. Creepy lighting and visual map changes creates something very unique and exciting.

Hollow Moon (Unreal Tournament 2004)

You arrive to the moon research station to work as heavy machinery engineer. From now on you are on your own. Created as more of an experiment for different means of showing audio-visual styles Hollow Moon boasts no environmental sounds, but what is produced is a thick atmosphere that few games or mods can come close too.

Paranoia (Half-Life)

You will play the role of a Russian officer of the secret service. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you. Paranoia is one of the very best mods to come out of Half-Life for both engine expansion and content. A must download!

Curse Episodes (Half-Life 2)

Curse episodes is an Egyptian themed action/horror/puzzle/exploration FPS where the further you creep into the world of Curse the harder and more frightening the entire experience gets, its up to you how you want to play. A very unique and very amazing mod worthy of your attention and bandwidth!

Dear Esther (Half-Life 2)

A deserted island... a lost man... memories of a fatal crash... a book written by a dying explorer. Dear Esther is a ghost story told using first-person gaming technologies. If you want a very spooky interactive ghost story Dear Esther should be the mod for you, highly recommended by all the staff here on ModDB.

There are hundreds more mods and games out there that will help create a fantastic Halloween experience for you all, these are just some of the truly stand out mods that deserve to be the major source of your ghostly ahhs and eeiies. Hope you have a very frighting Halloween!

A few days ago the multi-platform Unity engine had a brand new update (version 2.6) as well as a price drop for independent developers who choose to use the engine for both personal and commercial use from $200 USD to well zero.

David_Helgason_CEO_Unity_Technologies wrote: With the explosive growth in new platforms and performance improvement in our Unity suite of products, we believe that there are no technical hurdles remaining for high quality interactive content everywhere. Now we are removing financial hurdles as well. Unity is mature enough and easy enough to use that it can be the entry point for those developers taking their first steps with the technology.

Now I can hear your eyebrows raising but before you ask there really isn't any catch to this, aside from the Unity spashscreen that is. So there really is no reason as to why your not tooling around in it as you read this go and download it now!

Or for your Mac, or iPhone!

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