News is a big thing for gaming and so far we have only dabbled into the blogging news field, up until now that is. Welcome to the Editor's Notes, updated with news that relates to the modding and indie scene. Not only will we fill you in on the news but also offer our opinions, giving the community a chance to discuss topics relevant to there interests.

Blog RSS Feed Report abuse CS:GO Beta key give-away.

84 comments by Henley on Feb 19th, 2012

ModDB will be participating in a Counter Strike Global Offensive beta key give-away on the 21st of Feburary. Stay tuned for more information as it arises.


Report abuse IndieCade Winners

6 comments by Greg on Oct 12th, 2011

Thirteen games, chosen by a panel of experts, received top honors at the 2011 IndieCade Conference Festival. FEZ, created by Polytron Corporation, was awarded the Grand Jury Award. IndieCade recognizes superior examples of story development, visual, technological, audio and all-around independent game titles as well as a creator who has greatly contributed to the independent gaming field.

Eleven of the winners, including the Grand Jury Award were announced at the Red Carpet awards show, sponsored by LG Electronics, on Thursday, Oct. 6. On Sunday night, Oct. 9, GameFly, a supporting sponsor, hosted the closing party where the Audience and Developer Choice Awards were announced.

Stephanie_Barish_CEO_IndieCade wrote:2011 was a great year for the indie gaming community, which continues to grow and change by leaps and bounds. This year's submissions reflected the incredible diversity and innovation we have seen growing over the four years of IndieCade. The nominees and winners represent the best aspects of independent games.

The game and developer winners this year are:

Grand Jury Award

FEZ, Polytron Corporation


The award distinguishes the game that cultivates artistry and embodies complete passion for game development. This year the jury chose from 36 game finalists from 14 different countries.

LG Mobile Innovative Game Award

Hungry Hungry UFOs, Asher Vollmer, Sam Farmer and Ben Bharier

The nominees for this award were brought together and established the prototypes for consideration at the IndieCade 3D Mobile Game Jam, presented and sponsored by LG Mobile.

Visuals sponsored by Nvidia

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Superbrothers, Capybara Games, Jim Guthrie


Proteus, Ed Key

Impact sponsored by G4

Johann Sebastian Joust, Douglas Wilson and Friends


Ordnungswissenschaft, Till Wittwer, Marek Plichta and Jakob Penca

Game Design

Deepak Fights Robots, Tom Sennett

Technology sponsored by Transgaming

Johann Sebastian Joust, Douglas Wilson and Friends

Story/ World Design sponsored by BBC Worldwide

FEZ, Polytron Corp.

Special Recognition

The Swapper, Facepalm Games

Cave Vacuum

It's a game specially selected by the Jury for being a stand-out game, but not one that could fit into any other category very well.

The Trailblazers Award

Megan Gaiser

Developers Choice Award

Way, Coco & Co (Carnegie Mellon)

Audience Choice Award

The Depths to Which I Sink, Bigpants

For more information, visit

Report abuse Ludum Dare 21

5 comments by Henley on Sep 13th, 2011

Ludum Dare for all those playing at home is a competition where designers work alone for 48 hours to create the best game they can on a community voted theme. Ludum Dare 21 has just wrapped up, if this is your first time witnessing the event you are going to be surprised to see just what Indie developers can create when under pressure and little time.

This time the theme was "escape" with a whopping 599 total entries you can find the top 50 entries here which are voted on by the developers who participated within the comp. What are your favourite entries? My personal favourites where Startus and Flee Buster.

Report abuse ModDB VS MMGN in a L4D2-off

47 comments by Henley on Aug 31st, 2011

UPDATE: The date has been set for the 13th of September at 8:00pm EST for all those playing at home see the countdown timer below!

DOUBLE UPDATE: The time has been pushed back due to people being busy. We work for a living ya know???!? We will update the timer again when we know a better time.

COUNTDOWN TO 13 Sep 2011 20:00:00 +1000
We are still looking for people to participate so if you want in send a PM to myself or post in the comment section below with your availability.

We will also be live streaming the event, more details when we get closer to D-Day.

MMGN is an Austalian news and gaming website, they are also sneaky buggers who think they can school ModDB and its community at L4D2. As I said, sneaky buggers. You should never poke the sleeping giant!

Heller wrote:after some really spicy food and too many beers some things were said, some threats were made and now they've challenged us to a L4D2 match!

This is where you guys come in since the rules are quite simple, I need two or three (depending how many of the ModDB staff can play) community members to join the ModDB team and show these guys who is boss in verses mode.


  • Must loath zombies except when you are a zombie, then you must love them
  • Must know how to click the mouse buttons
  • The ability to throw a Molotov at a tank
  • Smack-talk is not a requirement but wouldn't hurt (us, you can hurt MMGN with it)

If you are interested let me know on the comments or over PM's. I am also told that there will be a stream going up and a recording at some point with the gameplay. More details when I know them!

Report abuse Modern Warfare 3 to have Dedicated Servers

123 comments by Henley on Aug 17th, 2011

Back in 2009 a little game called Modern Warfare 2 disappointed pc gamers by removing everything that makes the PC version of the game superior to any of its console brethren. I am talking about dedicated servers. The act disabled any sort of real modding to the game along with the ability to make custom maps, build communities and not be forced into waiting for the develoepr to patch the multiplayer with extra content.

Good news everyone, Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated server support for PC players! This was revealed today at Gamescom by the associate manager for Call of Duty Digital, Jay Frechette, and reaffirmed by Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield on Twitter.

It is good to see developers learning from their mistakes, the mapping community will not be silent if you cross them! *fist pumps and so on*


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